Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cosmic Opera with Axwell, Thomas Gold, NO_ID

After four days of non-stop work, I looked forward to seeing Axwell of Swedish House Mafia at Cosmic Opera last night. What NY Times and Rolling Stone hyped as the next-level of electronic dance music shows in America, Cosmic Opera entertained with suspended acrobatics, strobes, smoke and snow. Yes, it snowed in Hammerstein Ballroom. The Parisan-themed stage had a "Cosmic Opera" Paris subway entrance and the acrobats dressed in burlesque. My one complaint is all the "opera" pieces of the show seemed disjointed--from the occasional acrobatics, opera singing and moving giant chandelier. It was difficult to take it in bits and pieces and I wish the acrobats, dancers or characters were present more often. We'll just have to see with Act 2 & 3 coming up. Beyond that, Axwell's set was amazing. He opened with "In My Mind", played "Antidote", covered Coldplay's "Paradise" and Rhi Rhi's "We Found Love" and of course ended with "Save the World". It was a fun night and now I'm really just excited for the summer to come and EDC to come to NY!

Snow and sexy acrobatics in the video below

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