Sunday, January 31, 2010

Surprise New York, Some Morning Snow

Watch the Beanpot in NYC Tomorrow!

Boston University plays Northeastern University tomorrow February 1 in the first round of the annual Beanpot Tournament at Boston's TD Banknorth Garden. For my fellow New Yorkers, you can catch all the action at the official BU Beanpot watching party at Mustang Harry's, 352 7th Avenue (b/w 29th and 30th St) at 8 pm. You won't want to miss round 1 of the tournament, as last year, Northeastern lost the Beanpot championship to BU (has won over half of all Beanpot Tournaments).

See you tomorrow night at Mustang Harry's at 8 pm. Go Terriers!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why My First Rangers Game Sucked But Didn't

January 25 was another eventful hockey night this year, it marks my first ever Rangers game at Madison Square Garden against one of my fav NHL teams and Stanley Cup Champs the Pittsburgh Penguins. It would also be my first time seeing former BU captain and Hobey Baker winner Matt Gilroy play since the 2009 NCAA National Championship in DC, and my first time seeing Crosby play in real life and not just on my 27" TV.

The Pens scored first, while the Rangers struggled to match the Pens offensively throughout the game. Avery didn't punch anyone and Gaborik didn't score, so naturally, the Pens kicked Rangers ass and won 4-2.

Even though I felt like I was watching a mediocre college hockey game (only 14 shots at the end of the first) and Rangers fans were booing the team for more than half the game, THE GAME WAS STILL FUN BECAUSE:

1) I am a fan of both teams, so EVERY goal was a GOOD goal. I could only come out a winner.
2) Don Draper was at the game. And, you all know how much I effing love Don Draper.
3) My $12 Bacardi-spiked Strawberry drink came in a blinking, siren-like plastic jug that can only be classified as unnecessarily-distracting-and-quite-possibly-the-coolest-cup-alive.
3) Two words: Sidney Crosby (#87).4) Again, seeing one of my favorite BU players play professionally... Matty Gilroy #97.
5) The tickets were a gift from my sweetie for Christmas. The NHL has a conspiracy against us, we are 0-4 in witnessing a home-team win. I guess this means more NHL games until the curse is broken!
6) It's funny to see hockey couples. He's the highest scoring forward and she's the sieve. How appropriate.
This hockey field trip to MSG took a toll on my wallet (damn, blinking cup!), so probably no more hockey adventures for a while... or is it? Vancouver anyone?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's ALL Fun & Games At Carnival

Last night, I celebrated yet another birthday with my dear college pal Sophie at Union Square's Carnival. It is hard to top previous Sophie B-day Bonanzas--Freshman year at Dick's Last Resort, 80s night at Aberdeen and the Atrium Pre-Privus Pre-Party, but last night was unexpectedly ENTERTAINING! There was Betty Page 50s porno on big screens, a shirt-less juggler, a contortionist, a retro gogo dancer on stilts and a real gogo dancer! Good clubbin' tunes all night--Ke$ha, Gaga, Journey--and their drinks were quite potent. I recommend the Twizzle Cocktail--vodka, lemonade, grenadine w/ a twizzler served in a keepsake glass.

I got the cheese I expected at Carnival, but surprisingly it didn't stink! The crowd was hot (and I'm not just talking about Sophie's entourage). Lots of short dresses, sports jackets and leather booties, no sleezy. I do recommend coming here on a weekend ONLY, and get your game face on because this place is no joke.

Photo recap:
Sophie found a balloon penis and enjoyed pretending it was her bachelorette party Inside the Fun House
Muss getting low
Steve getting high
Random guys jumping in pictures
Sophie receiving her prize of the night from a very hipster Carnival worker
Happy faces :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

BU Beats BC at Frozen Fenway

Five months ago when the Boston University vs. Boston College hockey game at Boston Red Sox's Fenway Park was officially announced, I have been dreaming about what the glorious January 8, 2010 would be like--the crisp smell of clean arena ice, ball park food, hockey jerseys, lots of layers and (if I'm lucky) a nice consistent snowfall. Last night was exactly all of that. It was a magical, frigid night, temperatures in the low 'teens. I almost lost some toes, but it is okay because BU won the game 3-2!

Photo Recap:
Reese and I got matcing Hockey East Frozen Fenway 2010 BU Sherpa beanies
National Anthem--Check out the pretty snowfall!
Fenway even updated the Park scoreboard with the hockey game scoreI absolutely loved the BU Fenway jerseys which Coach Parker designed himself. Unfortunately, the jerseys will not be replicated and the team will be the only ones with it. I guess it makes it even more special. I must say the Red Sox font and blades on the Red Sox logo are pretty awesome. Photo courtesy of The Daily Free Press.
Our seats were right behind the BU bandSasquatch made a late third period appearanceLast night reminded me why I love this city, why I love BU, why I love this sport and why I should probably invest in long wool socks and winter boots.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

H&M Cuts Holes In Unused Clothes? TRUE!

After the NY Times and several other New York publications and blogs revealed how some H&M New York stores are destroying and trashing unused clothes instead of donating them, people are voicing their distaste for H&M through H&M's Facebook Page and Twitter Feeds.

My friends Larissa, Ilana and I know first-hand that H&M does cut holes and trash unused clothes on the street, because ten months back, while searching for the famous chicken and rice stand we stumbled upon a giant pile of trashed H&M clothes outside the 51st St location and took them. There was rings, bracelets, hair clips, beanies, heels, sandals, scarfs, shirts, sweaters, etc. The only issue with the clothes was that there were randomly cut holes in it and the shoes were missing its matching pair.

You can read about it in my dumpster diving escapade post. Here's a blurb:

'Larissa on the other hand is more interested in digging in people's trash. We pass by H&M where there's a four foot high pile of bags of shoes, clothes, accessories, swimwear. It was all crap, but for some reason, we thought we struck gold. I grab a box and we throw all sorts of crap in it, heels, tights, bracelets, corsets, thongs, etc.

We are sitting on the sidewalk digging through a box of stuff that is cut up, shoes are mix matched and I give up. Larissa, my hero, doesn't and uses an existing garbage bag to hold all the stuff.'

Here are some photos of us dragging the trashed clothes:
H&M took down these photos after they were posted on the Facebook fan page saying it was an isolated incident.

At least from this PR nightmare, H&M is aware of the problem and select stores will change their ways. I'm still a fan of the store and its affordable, stylish clothes. So no hard feelings... but stop cutting holes! And donate the clothes, it's cold. Really Cold.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wife Despot? The Suggestive Facebook Security Check

Before, I had an issue with the ineligibility of the Facebook Security Checks because I always had to guess what to type. Now, it seems Facebook has made an effort to ease the confusion and use real words like 'Wife Despot'?
WHOA, hold on there Facebook. Are these security checks for verifying that I am not a computer virus or alien that could steal Facebook's giant vault of blackmailable photos? Or, are these 'suggestive' security checks for planting negative messages into the young minds of our future as part of an evil scam for world domination. Hmmm, either way they are kind of entertaining. Good job to the Facebook Intern who has to write these all day and probably hates/loves his/her job.

Some other questionable security checks:
'heir herself'- Who wrote this? Paris Hilton? 'favoring vilifies'- I don't know what this means, but I don't like it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Top 5 Posts of 2009

I want to look back at 2009, the year of my blogging debut. Maybe because it was trendy or I just had too much time, but the real reason I started The Daily Zeny is to catalog my thoughts about captivating ad campaigns, showcase my creative work and share things I find fascinating. Okay, so not everyone is a hockey fan, but hey, I bet you started watching a game or two. No? Fine.

You can look foward to more hodgepodginess in 2010: illogical rants, marketing strategy analyses, personal photos, a poem (or two?) and HOPEFULLY a portfolio of new creative work.

Here are the Top 5 Posts of 2009 by Pageviews: