Sunday, August 23, 2009

NYC Picture Post: Blockheads, MET, Girl Talk/BK Pool Party

Now that the apt search nightmare is OVER, time to have some fun in the city. Met up for $3 margs at Blockheads with ad peeps Ruchy and Steph... never gets old.
Checked out Roxy Paine's stainless steel installation at the MET. Kind of cool, but I liked Jeff Koons' balloon animals better, and I don't think this is very safe during lightning storms.Waiting to get into Pool Party in Williamsburg. Monster, one of the many street teams giving out free energy drinks.
illy girls giving out espresso shots and latte macchiatos...fancy shmancy. For someone who doesn't drink coffee or energy drinks, I'm surprised I didn't have a caffeine crash at the concert.
Converse's sweet sponsorship of basketball & dodgeball
Coolest brand engagement idea ever: design your own converse low-top or high-top with colored sharpies on blank shoes.
Guess which one's mine...
My first gorgeous, sunny Sunday in a long time
Bonding with the bro. Zack's first outdoor concert, lucky him, it's a BK pool party.Londoner Max Tundra was hilariously entertaining... I liked him, but I also have a sense of humor.
Got down with Wiz Khalifa (haha), I can see this guy getting HUGE if he isn't already.
GIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRLLLL TALKKKKKKKKK was sooo good. Basically felt like the largest house/dance party ever. Nice, cool drizzle, Manhattan skyline, sunset... perfect ending to a perfect day.
Girl Talk closed with Tiny Dancer

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Photo Courtesy of Melissa Wade

Holy mother of God, Hockey East announced today that BU will be playing BC at Fenway Park on January 8, 2010!!! I WILL BE THERE, and because I'm nice, here's a link on how to get tix.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finding the Right NYC Apt

Finding a NYC apartment is like looking for a husband. It sucks big time. You can't expect to get much, especially when it comes to size, and the good ones go fast. After scoping out Williamsburg, Gramercy, Murray Hill and East Village, I realized I could get a trendy, clean apt that lacked in size OR a sad, badly maintained, spacious dig. It's like choosing between Tom Cruise or Seth Rogen. I'd be okay with them but not happy.

Then fate stepped in. My roommate and I, discouraged by our East Village search, bumped into a guy wearing a t-shirt on the street outside a quaint walk-up. Everything sort of just went on from there....

My first step into the 2-bedroom apartment, I was taken in by its sexy spiral staircase and skylight that lit up the whole place. Blinded by instant attraction, I ignored ALL its flaws (small fridge, no living room, tiny bedrooms), but I knew I wanted to live there. It's like your first love, you don't actually think of what it would be like, you just know you want to be with the other person.

Whether it's love or a one-night stand, I'm tied down to this baby for a year. We'll see how this turns out. For the time being, I'm excited!

Apt photos:
The kitchen/(lack of) living area
Staircase leads to our own private deck where you can see the Empire State Building!You can't say no to a clean bathroomMy bedroomTJ's (I just named my apt) only weakness is my roommate's 7.5'x7' bedroom. I know :( ... but there's a spiral staircase & deck!
Can't wait to get TJ some plants from Union Square farmer's market and start using the deck!

It's Confirmed, HOUSE is behind Snakes On a Cane

After mysterious 5-sec TV spots, a vague microsite countdown and sidewalk art, the website has been updated with a photo that reveals a scruffy, toned man's chest that is very well Dr. House. Now we know this campaign is a countdown for the House season premiere.

Am I disappointed? No. FOX's integrated tv, digital and outdoor efforts show that major cable networks are catching on to new media channels outside of TV to promote their shows. I love this new move to less invasive and more buzz-worthy advertising... makes me want to have an adgasm.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

NYC Picture Post: Apt Hunt, 911, BJ Penn

Starbucks' new natural, homegrown look hoping to rid its uber-corporate reputation. 'It's not just coffee, it's Starbucks.'
Fingers crossed that I get this East Village dig with a spiral staircase & skylightI witnessed a serious car accident at 96 & 3rd and had to call 911. A van with children got T-boned and crashed into a light pole. Good thing no one was seriously hurt, but seeing the whole scene play out was very scary and disturbing to know that this happens often.
UFC 101... yea Hawaii-boy BJ PENN won!
'Snakes on a Cane' street art throughout East Village
Witnessed an epic light saber battle in Union Square

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Mad Marketing of Mad Men

Give it to a show about advertising to be really good at it. Mad Men's Season Three premiere push is going all out with outdoor posters, behind-the-scenes video hosted on the AMC site, MadMenYourself personalized 60's illustration in downloadable icon, fb photo or wallpaper form, Banana Republic partnership and casting call--and now, a full-fledged events calendar for the week of the premiere!

Events include:
  • a Video installation about 1960s Advertising at the MAD (Museum of Art and Design)
  • 'Drink like a MadMan' specials at different bars in Manhattan
  • a Screening Event for the Season Three Premiere where attendees must be decked out in their 'swankiest sixties' attire
This campaign just makes SENSE in every sponsorship, partnership and media channel choice. THANK YOU MAD MEN MARKETERS FOR GETTING IT RIGHT. I've been trying to find out who's responsible for this brilliance, whether it's AMC or an agency. If you know who it is, let me know, so I can write them a love letter.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is

During the So You Can Think You Can Dance finally on FOX, a cane wrapped by snakes with the URL flashed briefly on the screen, long enough to spark curiosity and launch an effective viral campaign. I went to the site and it's a countdown for... something? I don't know what, but very clever move whatever it is/you are.
The logo is a caduceus, a Greek symbol often used as a symbol for medicine. Some predict it's for FOX's show House, but according to the site there's only 11 days until the season premiere, not the 46 days stated on the countdown.
I'm sure in the next week, more clues will roll out through multiple media channels (mostly digital I assume and scattered across blogs and entertainment sites). If not, I'll find out what it is in a month and a half--if I still care.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Hope They Show This Movie In Hell

I cannot believe it. Tucker Max's ego just might explode, because now, his book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell has been made into a movie. I hope they push the R-rating as far as possible because the story in Vegas (sex + bathroom + frosted window) is my favorite.

The movie looks like a failure, because 1) Tucker Max doesn't dress like an overgrown boy, he's a trained ladies man (at lease dress him in khakis and tucked-in baby blue button down). 2) Why is the cute brother from Bring It On Slingblade? For some reason I didn't see him as being that cute.

Anyways, if you've read the book, you're probably more inclined to check the trailer out. If you haven't, you should read it, and SKIP THE MOVIE.

NYC Picture Post: Mad Men, Underbar + Billyburg

Sorry no witty posts just yet, but enjoy the photo recap of my hectic two weeks in NYC:
I love that NYC is MAD about Mad Men. Check out my post on the new Mad Men Yourself microsite. Below: Mad Men Casting Call + Banana Republic partnership = Genius (too bad I'm' Asian)!
Underbar @ W Hotel in Union Square w/ the Penn kids
View from the top of where I'm staying on the Upper East Side... crazy.
Hipsterville Williamsburg
I miss Comm Ave.
'Forget the Show We're Drinkin', and we did just that.
Sleep time.