Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Ever Take Greyhound to Atlantic City

I spent the weekend at Reese's grandparents house in Ventor near Atlantic City, and everything was wonderful--the beach, hot tub, cougars, rice crispie-covered french toast--except that on the hottest day of the year, the Greyhound bus I was on had NO air conditioning during the three hour ride back to NYC.  I am not kidding.  Some girls started complaining and had men open up the emergency roof exits to circulate air--just thinking about it gives me a headache, but I lived to tell the tale.  Trust me, never take Greyhound anywhere.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Deck Every Planner Should See Now

Icing Actually Sucks

So remember in my last post when I stated that 'Bros Icing Bros' was an awesome game, I was wrong.  It's all fun to ice your friends when they least expect it, but once you are iced for the first time, unprepared for the torture, the game starts to suck (and I'm not just saying this in a way that supports the game as being a cool way to humiliate people, it really does suck).

Example: My boyfriend asked me to turn on the christmas lights for our roof and when the lights didn't turn on, I went to check if it was plugged in--and Waahlahh! BAM! Right next to the outlet was a Smirnoff Ice just waiting for me.  I was iced by my own boyfriend.  Not fun.  Chugging Smirnoff Ice is the most unpleasant drinking experience ever.  The cold carbonation burns down your throat prolonging the chugging process while the sugary content lines your stomach causing a bad tummy ache and possible vomit action.  Now I see why Diageo pulled down the site, for the greater good of humanity and because Bros are never to be trusted.

The worst part about the game is that in New York, 6-packs of Smirnoffs (or any other beer for that matter) do not come cheap.  I had to run to the corner store to pick up a 6-pack in fear that I would be counter-iced.  AAAHHHH, icing just destroyed my Saturday... but I must say, the best ice of the night was on my roommate Ben, who when asked to start the grill, found a nice surprise:
The game officially started and ended for me on Saturday.  In the words of the 'Bros Icing Bros' epitaph: 'We had a good run bros...'

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time To Open Up About Icing

I wanted to wait a while before addressing the 'bros icing bros' phenomenon because to be honest, I wasn't sure how I felt about it.  My inner bro who loves any excuse for drinking and public humiliation thought 'Wow, who can I ice this minute!' was dominated by my advertising pysche who can sense blatant marketing schemes and thought 'Smirnoff is totally behind this!'... but after watching how things unfolded, I have made up my mind:

'Bros Icing Bros' IS AN AWESOME GAME and major bro props to the founders of 'Bros Icing Bros' for creating an accidental marketing phenomenon, something that has been long overdue in this industry.  I am happy that some bored college student made moves to stir things up, but a sad week for all, as Diageo, the parent company of Smirnoff, has forced the 'Bros Icing Bros' site to shutdown.

Reasons why this was NOT a smart move:

1. Search volume for Smirnoff has increased as a result of 'Bros Icing Bros'.  Increased curiosity and interest in your brand is invaluable.  Silly Smirnoff for shunning the phenomenon.

2. Photo taking concept lives beyond a website and is taken viral with Twitter and Facebook.  Power in numbers, especially numbers of Bros.  Once your homepage or wall is showered with photos of ices, you know its about time to avoid your friends or have an Ice ready on you (JESS SCOTT I'M ON TO YOU).
Photo Courtesy of Jessica Scott, probably the most avid Icer I know
Photo Courtesy of Larissa Hayden, probably the second most avid Icer I know

3. My boyfriend, the biggest hater of all things hatable, has adopted Icing as a way of life.  Schemes and elaborate plans involving icing underwater, at a wedding rehearsal dinner, etc. has got me believing that 'icing' is surely a phenomenon of epic proportions.  

In the end, the creators of 'Bro Icing Bros' has changed the perception that Smirnoff Ice is no longer the gateway drink for underage girls or choice drink for French dudes but the ultimate humiliation for the machoest men out there.  Smirnoff should be thanking the 'bros' for the recent skyrocket in sales and for reviving the brand in the best way possible.

Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Years Since Punahou

Today is my 5 year High School reunion at Punahou.  I won't be able to attend and eat delicious Hawaiian Food (haupia!), but I am MOST SAD that I won't be able to see my fellow class of 2005ers and most of all, my girls!  To all those who partied in high school, I do not envy you because you did not attend massive potlucks and film shorts about high aliens or hang out in the science center open lab.  Yes, we (the 13) were awesome and I wish 5 years later we could go back to being a crazy cult again.

Punahou was my first home.  My real home was just a place for me to sleep.  I can't imagine a better school with a glass lab, dark room or olympic-sized pool.  I miss Carnival, Holoku and dances--hopefully, in another 5 years, I can make our 10 year reunion.  Or someone get married soon (OPEN BAR)!

Photos from high school:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Internet Week Means No Sleep

Enjoying some pop-tails at Buzz Media's Pop Burger Event

Craziness has been happening lately in the digital world, especially since it's internet week in NYC!  I started off the week welcoming interns to the City at the MAIP kick-off party in JWT's super swanky bar, met my MAIP mentee Anjali from UT (Go Longhorns!) and caught up with old friends--one, which I am very excited to see--NATALIE!!  Natalie and I worked together for three years at the BU gym, explains the unbreakable bond.

Last night was Buzz Media's Pop Party at Pop Burger with Pop-tails (drinks named after celebrities like 'Snooki', 'Ashton Kutcher'... the 'Betty White Old Fashion' was, Ring Pops, Pop Rocks, Pop Trivia... oh and not to mention, Kelly Bensimon (the one that posed for Playboy) and Deena Manzo (the one with the ugly cat) from the Real Housewives was there.  I guess they're Pop Wives?... OR Pop Tarts!  After several Betty Whites and sliders, my colleagues and I headed to the Zemoga's Never Mind the Lyrics Karaoke Party at Fontana's in the Lower East Side.  I hate singing, but Katie and I tore up the stage with a terrible rendition of NSYNC's 'Tearin' Up My Heart'.  Never again.

This has been quite an eventful (iPhone 4, Digital Content New Front) and tiring week.  I am ready for it to be over, so I can sleep.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome NYC Interns to the Best Summer of Your Life

NYC interns, I would like to officially welcome you to the best summer of your life.  Alone or with a friend, nothing will compare to working in the industry of your dreams (and being underpaid) while living in the most expensive/fun city in America.  Locked and loaded with a closet of 'going out' clothes, little to no cash in your bank account and a monthly subway pass, Manhattan is your playground.  And boy will you play.

Summer in the city is the best time of year (I can now say I know what the other seasons are like) because of:
1) Outdoor drinking - Frying Pan, Bohemian Beer Garden, Me Bar, D.B.A.

2) Free concerts - Today Show Concert Series, Jelly Pool Parties, Summer Stage, Governor's Island

3) Fairs & Festials - Big Apple BBQ, Mermaid Parade, Pride Parade

4) and thousands of hormone-driven interns like YOU.

Besides your company dress code, live by the NYC Summer Bibles: Vanity Fair Summer Guide, TimeOut NY, Openbar NYC, Internbar, Urbandaddy and NY Mag.  This June in particular will be awesome with Internet Week, the NBA finals back to Celts & Lakers (BOO) and the World Cup!  With daily games and reasons for additional drinking, you can expect craziness to happen.

Like studying abroad, 50% (ok, maybe 30%) is about the 'study' or work and the other 50% (99%) is about the people you meet, the relationships you build and the good (sometimes bad) experiences you have with them.  With all this said, get familiar with top 40 summer hits and live it up. xx

My NYC Internship Summer circa 2008: