Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Now you can create yourself as a Mad Men character through AMC's Mad Men Yourself microsite. Sooo cool. Below is the scene I created. I'm holding a martini glass in a purple dress and cute updo.

Mad Men just gained a kajillion points in coolness, if that's even possible.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Get High Lined

My friends and I took advantage of the sunny weather and checked out the recently opened 'High Line' park on Manhattan's lower west side. The High Line is an elevated train track converted walkway/park that over looks the Hudson River and is one of the best designed public spaces I've seen. You'll understand when you see the small details in the design of the benches, landscaping of the flowers and materials used to build the park. Architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro (who also designed Boston's ICA) and landscape architecture firm James Corner Field Operations are responsible for the brilliant transformation of a railway that maintains its identity but also screams I'm a park for the future and so NYC.

A quick note about the High Line logo (shown above). The High Line isn't just a park, it's a branded park. From High Line volunteers sporting navy blue t-shirts with a giant eco-green High Line logo on their chest to their community friendly website, the High Line sells a unique upscale park experience. High Line redefines "parks" not as a rundown patch of grass for dogs to poop in, but as a cool place to socialize and makeout with your girlfriend.

Visit the park if you haven't yet. There's multiple entrances: Ganesvort St (next to Helmut Lang store + Standard Hotel), 14th, 16th, 18th and 20th streets.

Photo recap:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sundays are for BK Pool Parties

Legos Are Cool Again

I should shoot myself in the shin for naming my blog 'The Daily Zeny', because now people think I'm a huge liar for not updating everyday. Either way, this blog is my baby and I will continue to love it.

Before I talk about Legos, is it bad that I'm too embarassed to read New Moon in public and hide the book in my bag while I read it on the subway? That's what I thought, you'd do the same.

Anyways, can I just say that LEGOS are probably one of the coolest toys ever. You can fight me on this one, but really... a substitute for legos? It's like calling Band Aid, Band Aid and not knowing that Band Aid is actually the brand name.

Legos just got cooler after I saw my friend Kalei, Olivia and Kau from Hawaii, repping Chanel, LA and MLB symbols made of legos. In the past I've seen actual size replicas of a Volvo SUV and Darth Vader, but I definitely didn't get as excited.
You know why I'm excited? I'm estatic because these logos/symbols/icons are made of Legos, which are ICONS IN ITSELF. It's Brandgasmic, and it makes me all excited. Also, I think they're kinda cool and probably a really effective marketing concept that works for a range of ages. You're never too old for legos.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

BU v. BC at Fenway Please?

Yesterday, the NHL announced Boston's Fenway Park as the location of the 2010 Winter Classic. The Boston Bruins will play the Philadelphia Flyers on New Year's day. The NHL article also mentioned a week long of events prior to and after the Winter Classic in Boston. Events like open skate at Fenway, Dane Cook comedy show, House of Blues concert and a POSSIBLE BU/BC GAME AT FENWAY PARK!

Here's the most important sentence in the entire article:
"There also are ongoing discussions regarding plans for the men's and women's hockey teams from Boston College and Boston University to play games against one another at Fenway on Jan. 8."

Hopefully this happens. Imagine the bragging rights of winning one of the biggest college hockey rivalries in one of the oldest ball parks in America. Since we're on this issue, check out the trailer for "The Battle of Comm Ave" from Rival Films:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half Blood Prince, Not Half Bad

I watched a 12:01 am screening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Ward Theaters in Honolulu and was shocked at how many people were there. No, I didn't dress up. I happened to leave my Cho Chang costume in Boston.

Around 10:30 pm, the entire front staircase, down to the side walk and around the block was filled with people.
Every seat in the 8 open screens were filled. Lots of running happened in the theater (hard to imagine) and seat-saving; but, all was well with my group and we found seats together in the back of the front section. Several rounds of 'the wave' started 15 minutes before the movie and people clapped after every trailer (especially loud for New Moon, but no so much for Shorts). I clapped for Shorts to be obnoxious.

The movie started and I was already disappointed in the first five minutes, because the movie cuts out the first couple chapters of the book and Harry doesn't meet Dumbledore at a subway station, let alone consider relations with a Lauren Hill look-a-like. I gave up trying to compare Half Blood Prince to the book, because NO MATTER WHAT the book will always be better; however, the last book Deathly Hallows has the best chance of translating better on film, especially if it's being split into two films.

This sixth Harry Potter movie is going to have a lot of mixed reviews for it's lack of action but better acting. There were a lot of entertaining and comedic moments, and I think the Harry, Hermoine and Ron relationship is strongest in this movie (and same in the book). The movie feels rushed, but what can you do? It's a 600+ page book in 2.5 hours. In the end, the movie made me laugh and cry, and it did a great job building up for the last installment of the series.

The movie made me miss London. The double deckers, meat pies and pints. It's a good thing I visited Hogwarts before the Death Eaters destoryed it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anticipated Backlash of Brock Lesnar's Coors Light Endorsement

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has its 100th Pay-Per-View today, and being that mixed martial arts is huge in Hawaii, I caught the last three fights. The most anticipated fight of the night was between heavyweights Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir. Mir, a Vegas-hometown favorite, won the last time the two matched up, and Lesnar was not going to have any of it.

Lesnar beat the s*** out of Mir, won the fight and was BOO-ed heavily by the crowd. He gave the crowd two large middle fingers and s***-talked Mir over the mic. The crowd's boos became louder and fueled Lesnar's meatheaded douchebaggyness. His unsportsmanlike behavior reflects badly upon the sport and UFC franchise.

Lesnar's most controversial comment was about Coors Light. When asked how he was going to celebrate his victory, he said he was going to have a beer--a Coors Light--because Bud Light won't pay him money, and then said something about being "on top of my wife".
It's no doubt advertising and endorsements are a HUGE part of the UFC. From the individual player's branded attire (brands like Tap Out, Ecko Unltd, Bad Boy) to promoting the fight venue, usually a Vegas hotel, you can't miss the blatant plugs geared towards testosterone heavy males.

Coors Light's decision to have Lesnar endorse the brand may hurt Coors more, as more UFC fans start to hate him after tonight's fight. I hope Bud Light doesn't decide to use Frank Mir as an endorser, because it would make me sick to see a beer company turn a mixed martial arts rivalry into a battle between watered-down beers.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Sweet Hawaii - Day 2 + 3

Much of my time has been consumed with my first freelance copywriting gig. It's okay because I'm writing about tourist sites on the Windward side of Oahu (where I spend most of my time anyway) and because WRITING IS FUN. Duh. All in all, high school friend encounters are high and my alzheimers is kicking in. I blame Facebook.

Photo Recap:
Liliha Bakery custard pie and cream puff for breakfast. They upgraded their pie boxes to make it more contemporary, but I like the old no-frills green and white box that an old-time diner/bakery should have. Kailua Beach facing Kaneohe Bay
At Valley of the Temples with Byodo-In Temple in the background
Secret Turtle Orgy
Ended the night with a delicious Italian dinner at Assagios in Kailua and had made-in-front-of-me Caesar Salad, Chicken Anchovy Olio pasta and homemade Spumoni for dessert. I passed out in a food coma an hour later and never woke up.

But I DID WAKE UP, and here's Day 3:
Visited Punahou with Jared. I totally forgot there's summer school so everything was closed early and I didn't get to go snack bar or bookstore.
WAIOLA SHAVE ICE... lilikoi and li hing mui flavorLevel 4 nightclub with TianaI wore red lipstick and someone mistaken me for the Joker. Why so serious?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Generation's Fear of Failing Marriage

Yesterday, I made my first magazine purchase in a long long time while waiting at the San Francisco Airport. This is a big deal because I love magazines but haven't been able to justify buying them with the recession and free online media; however, I left the SFO newsstand with a copy of TIME so I could read the cover story 'Unfaithfully Yours' by Caitlin Flanagan.

I'm not sure exactly WHY I bought it, but I just HAD to read the cover article. Recently with the Jon and Kate drama, watching He's Just Not That Into You at a girl's night party and attending a friend's friend's bachelorette party, I have been pondering the marriage issue and how our generation is super schizophrenic about it. At least I am.

My mom was 23 when she married my dad, and I turn 23 in November. The only thing I am looking forward to in November is a BU hockey game at MSG; but, what if I did get married in four months? I wouldn't think of it because just like me, many other 20-somethings don't think they're ready for marriage. And so, I paid $4.95 for TIME to tell me why.

Flanagan writes a clear story on a complicated issue, and I left it feeling confident that I am capable of being happily married and that the media's skewed views of marriage are the cause of my insecurities.

I highly suggest reading the article, because more often the media shows the negative sides of marriage like adultery, divorce and custody battles and not enough on the importance of staying together. Thank you TIME for seeing that married parents are role models worthy of being on a cover.
Click here for article

Home Sweet Hawaii - Day 1

Before I start a full-time career at Digitas in NYC, I wanted to see my family and old friends . The perks of having an Airline working parent is the freedom of flying standby and, every so often, flying First Class.

I flew out of Boston for San Francisco at 6 a.m.. The sun rose as I boarded.I couldn't get a flight to Honolulu, so I flew to Kahului, Maui instead. Waiting to board Hawaiian Airlines and drink Passion Orange Nectar Juice.
I see home! Gorgeous and I can't wait to land. Flying makes me so nauseous.
Homegrown Papayas (my favorite fruit) for breakfast. Lounging in Waialae
I know New York is going to be amazing, but the older I get, the more I long for home. Can't we teleport already? Flying is awful.

There's so much to look forward to the week at home: I got a freelance copywriting gig that requires me to visit the Windward side of Oahu; eating lots of sushi; beach; playing shut-the-box with my siblings; eating homecooked meals (my grandma's satay is the S***); BBQ local style poke-and-all. It's nice to be home.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Talk Tennis

Yesterday, like a proper lady, I watched the Wimbledon men's final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. It was an epic battle between the Euro D-bag and Stifler, and naturally, I was rooting for Stifler to score. Even though Federer was at the brink of winning his 15th grand slam, you could sense the crowd was hoping for a Roddick underdog story, a victory to shatter all expectations. BUT another American disappointment occurred (the last being men's soccer), and the gold-wearing god Federer WON in all his Nike glory.

To be honest, I paid less attention to the game and more attention examining the heavy branding of tennis fashion. Federer's Nike, Roddick's Lacoste, Ball boy's Ralph Lauren--it was a label tea party.When Federer put on his gold-trimmed-collar-popped-'RF'-label Nike Tracksuit with the number '15' embroidered on the lower-back I wanted to gag all my leftover independence day food. Then NIKE and Net Jets commericals came on featuring Federer and congratulating him on his win... I felt a little cheated. All premeditated. All about advertising.

Federer isn't just winning a 'tennis match', he's winning a whole empire. It's world domination, and that I can celebrate to. Congrats Roger on being the best! Nike updated their tennis site to feature Federer and his 15 grand slams:Like in the Roman Empire days, Federer is basking in his glory as a legend, a gladiator (I'm making all this BS up) but the bigger question is, Who's goes home to this hottie?