Monday, July 30, 2012

What is #September22NYC? Just Another Great Example of Social Media Hyping

Building hype for a concert, museum exhibit or party is nothing new; however, nowadays, you can't expect to send a bunch of press releases and hope that it will sell tickets or get people talking. If you want people to talk about your event organically, and by "talk" I mean "social talk" through a facebook post or tweet, you need to get creative.

Today, I was sent a link and when I got to the page, there wasn't much information beyond a hashtag, few instagram photos of recognizable NYC landmarks and additional clues to be revealed over the next couple of days.

When I'm confused, I like to search on Twitter or Google the information that I know, which in this case is the #September22NYC hashtag. It didn't take long (a few tweets to be exact) for me to figure out the date "September 22nd" will be for a Size Records music event with DJ Steve Angello and potentially Thomas Gold and Eric Prydz at Central Park or Governor's Island in NYC. Whether these assumptions are true, who knows? But the wisdom of the crowds has spoken and this is what I have gathered until the official announcement is made on August 1, 2012 at 1600 (EST I assume?).

This social-hype mystery reminds me of the recent Reddit subway $50 bill cryptic code stunt which had New Yorkers hungry for clues and running around the city to a mysterious location looking for a blue jay (I'm talking to you Karen & Jordan!).

Here are 3 things you need to pull off a social-hype stunt:
1) The Reach (of 1 person) Still Matters When Seeding - You might be wondering, how did people know the existed? Popular DJ Steve Angello (one-third of Swedish House Mafia) tweeted the below to his 315K followers:
Likewise, the Reddit subway code probably wouldn't have been solved without the help of Reddit's million+ readers. Also, it's really important to keep the initial source of information as organic as possible so the information is not disregarded as another corporate stunt (even though it is). 

2) Create Smart Clues, Your Fans Are Not Stupid - September22NYC did this by photoshopping the Size Records logo and strategic objects within NYC images. You don't necessarily need to draft a 500 character cryptic code, but you should create clues that your audience or fans would enjoy solving.

3) Set A Date, No More Than A Week Away - Give people something to anticipate by setting a date no more than a week out or people will lose interest and forget. Unless this is for Jay-Z tickets.

What I really like about the September22NYC idea is the tumblr-style website--simple and clean--and integration of popular social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Even though I may not attend the event, I applaud Size Records for making things interesting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Life Milestone, My Favorite Band is Having a 10 Yr Album Anniversary Tour

In the days of CDs, burned CDs in particular, there was an album I listened to on repeat and never got tired of. No, I'm not talking about Britney's Oops I Did It Again. I'm talking about The Starting Line's Say It Like You Mean It album. To this day, I still consider it one of my favorites. And today, I find out TSL is having a Say It Like You Mean It 10-year album anniversary tour! What does that even mean? Is it still acceptable to have 'emo' hair? Do I need to dig out my studded belt and hot topic t-shirts? 

Even though nowadays, I've retired my chucks for blinding neon EDM attire, I can't help but be super excited--like teenager excited--for the SILYMI Tour. 10 year anniversary tour. Man, is this what being an adult feels like?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ads in Hong Kong Have Better Facebook Call-Outs

When I'm traveling abroad, I like to take extra notice to the ads. I was recently in Hong Kong and noticed a lot of the ads had a unique Facebook call out. Unlike the US, where you often see a standalone Facebook logo in the corner or accompanied by a "Like us" on Facebook call-to-action, what makes the Hong Kong Facebook call out more effective is the visualization of the Facebook search bar. The search bar makes it intuitive to the viewer on how to find your brand on Facebook. I haven't seen this done in the states, and I don't see why every brand on facebook shouldn't do this!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Asian Beverage Adventures

Delicious cold drinks in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia saved me from dying in the heat. Here's a recap of pretty much the best part of my vacation... ASIAN BEVERAGES:
Milk Tea with Bubble and Grass Jelly in Hong Kong
Fresh Soy Bean Milk in Hong Kong (I prefer it cold)
Strawberry Mango Smoothie at Hui Lau Shan in Hong Kong

My daddy drinking Kopi O Bing (Iced Coffee) served in convenient carryable bags in Malaysia
Gut Jie Shui, a super sour lime drink with plum seeds in it
Chendol Drink, Kopi O Ice, Barley with Grass Jelly and Milk Tea with Grass Jelly at PappaRich in Malaysia
 Best carbonated drink ever: 100 Plus in Malaysia
 Mango Smoothie in Yang Shuo, China
Zoe drinking Milo (Hot Chocolate) with Ice in Malaysia
 Boxed Herbal Tea in Nanning
Asian beverage heaven at a 7-Eleven in Hong Kong

*UPDATED* So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Bracket is Up!

I revised last year's SYTYCD bracket in time for tomorrow night's Top 20 2-hour live performance premiere on FOX at 8/7c. Click here or the link at the bottom to download the bracket. For best results print in full-color on tabloid (11x17) paper.

You must fill out the Final Winner and Week 2 bracket after tomorrow's premiere and before the July 18th results show to play in in the #SYTYCDBracket pool. If you're wondering there's no final prize involved (yet), but if you're a true SYTYCD fan, an awesome NappyTabs or Sonia Tayeh routine is all you need.

So You Think You Can Dancing!

**Due to some changes in the format this season, announced in the premiere episode on 7/11, I've revised the bracket to include two winners and 4 dancers eliminated in the first week