Monday, August 20, 2012

Beyoncé, the Queen of Epic 3D Projection Performance

Yesterday was World Humanitarian Day and Beyoncé gave a moving performance of the song "I was here" at the United Nations General Assembly. There's no doubt Beyoncé is an extremely talented singer, and when her powerful voice is complemented by floor-to-ceiling 3D projection, the experience is ridiculously captivating. This isn't the first time Queen B has made a statement both socially/politically and visually--she performed her debut single "Run the World (Girls)" off her album 4 at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, which again left people speechless. I'm surprised more artist/performers don't utilize 3D projection, but then again, the standards have been set pretty high.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Watch The Throne, Budweiser!

The King of Beers is just looking to protect its throne with none else than the King of Hip Hop himself Jay Z. Budweiser's Made In America Fest, promoted and headlined by Jay Z, has an impressive line-up of hip hop, rock and electronic dance artists--my personal favorites Miike Snow, Nicky Romero and Alesso will be there. It's clear Budweiser is making a push to stay relevant among the young multi-cultural artist-types (hipsters is what some call it) and succeeds mainly through its tasteful typography and subdued use of the patriotic red, white and blue. Again, sporting the American flag is very "in".

The "Makers of Tomorrow" television commercial which aired during the Olympics is very Levi's Go Forth, with Jay Z's personal touches like his voiceover about how music brings us together and his Brooklyn Nets baseball cap. If I wasn't already attending Electric Zoo Labor Day weekend, I would have definitely made a stop in Philly for this line-up.

Great job Jay Z & Bud. Now, protect that Kingdom!

50 Shades of Asian Food Porn

The title of this post probably made my mom blush, but I'm truly embarrassed by the obscene amount of food I consumed on my 2.5 week trip to Asia, which is why I waited a while to post pictures (but I did post the drinks I had on my trip). I pleasured myself three times a day with street food and lavish 9-course dinners, and in reality, I enjoyed every bite of it. Okay, I think my 15 minutes of 50 Shade references are up.

Here's a recap of 50 foods I ate on my trip to Hong Kong, Guangxi and Kuala Lumpur:

1. Hong Kong - Dim Sum
2. Hong Kong - Won Ton Mein
3. Hong Kong - Fried Turnip Cake
4. Hong Kong - Mango Sago
5. Hong Kong - Assorted Baked Buns
6. Hong Kong - Egg Tart
7. Hong Kong - Calbee BBQ Flavored Crunchy Cheetos
8. Nanning - Long Bean Sprouts
9. Nanning - Lo Mein with Beef
10. Nanning - Rice-wrapper Dumplings and Crab Congee
 11. Nanning - Salted Boiled Peanuts
 12. Nanning - BBQ Lamb
 13. Nanning - Spicy Fish Head
 14. Nanning - Home-cooked Meal
 15. Nanning - Guilin Mee Fun
 16. Nanning - Tea Eggs
 17. Nanning - KFC Crunchy Chicken Wrap with Hoisin and Cucumber
 18. Guilin - Lychee
 19. Yang Shuo - Fried Sardines with Chili & Garlic
 20. Yang Shuo - Beer Fish
 21. Yang Shuo - Stuffed Snails
 22. Yang Shuo - Duck with Plum Sauce
 23. Kuala Lumpur - Nasi Lemak
 24. Kuala Lumpur - Chicken Satay
 25. Kuala Lumpur - Laksa
 26. Kuala Lumpur - Okra and Yung Tofu (Stuffed Peppers, Bittermelon, Bean Curd, etc.)
 27. Kuala Lumpur - Char Kway Teow
 28. Kuala Lumpur - Nyonya Kuih (Rice Cakes)
 29. Kuala Lumpur - Char Kway Teow Cantonese Style
 30. Kuala Lumpur - Asam Laksa
 31. Melaka - Nyonya Cuisine
 32. Kuala Lumpur - Hainanese Chicken Rice
 33. Kuala Lumpur - Ice Batu Cachang
 34. Kuala Lumpur - Ice Cachang with Ice Cream
35. Kuala Lumpur - Shark Fin Soup
 36. Kuala Lumpur - Seafood Appetizers
 37. Kuala Lumpur - Garlic Chicken
 38. Kuala Lumpur - Fried Prawns
 39. Kuala Lumpur - Steamed Whole Fish
 40. Kuala Lumpur - Fish Stomach...
 41. Kuala Lumpur - Seafood Cake Noodle with Thousand Year Old Egg
 42. Kuala Lumpur - Fried Lotus Paste Dessert
 43. Kuala Lumpur - Lychee and Longan Dessert
 44. Kuala Lumpur - Layered Rainbow Jello
 45. Kuala Lumpur - Red Bean Mochi
 46. Kuala Lumpur - Dry Won Ton Mein 
 47. Kuala Lumpur - Dumplings
 48. Kuala Lumpur - Cheong Fun
 49. Kuala Lumpur - Yong Tofu (Tofu stuffed with Fishcake)
50. Kuala Lumpur - Mango Pudding
 Feeling Hungry? Or just dirty.