Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Weather Is My Friend

I will not be a victim of the weather but a friend of weather. Yes, although the midwest snow storm has turned me into a standby blogging storm, I will rejoice in the snow's beauty and remember last weekend's happy snow shenanigans.

Wake Me Up Before You Gogo On United Airlines

I woke up at 3 a.m. for a 6 a.m. flight at JFK airport with my mom. My mommy works for United Airlines, so we fly standby, meaning I don't get to go home unless there's an empty seat on the plane. It's currently 10:30 a.m. and I'm. still. here. After being denied a seat on over six flights, I'm starting to lose focus on the mission at hand (getting home) and start magazine reading at the Hudson News and counting how many black-tight-leather-jacket-wearing fashionistas I see carrying a giant bottle of water onto the plane. Nine.

Other more exciting things that have happened the past seven hours at the United terminal is the introduction of Gogo, an inflight Wi-Fi service. Dressed in lime-green branded polos, Gogo girls (no, not the type you're thinking of) were passing out first-time FREE trial cards to United passengers.
Too bad I have yet to be 'inflight', but if any of you are flying United on a Gogo-capable flight, use the promo code UATRYGOGO for a FREE trial. The promotion ends 12/31/2009. Gogo works on smartphones too.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meet My Snowman, Buddy

Meet Buddy (yes he was named after Elf) the first snowman I have ever made and the BEST SNOWMAN EVER! He's pretty hot for something made of ice.You can visit Buddy (or what's left of him) at Tompkins Square Park. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

East Village's Plump Dumpling Has A New Home

Starting tomorrow you can enjoy your favorite meat dumplings or curry noodles at Plump Dumpling's new location on the corner of 11th St and 2nd Ave, literally 20 feet from its original location. The new location is bigger with more seating area (no more rubbing elbows with your neighbor) and is opened later until 1 a.m.!!! The new spot should be a hit, even more than the old one already is.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Left Holiday Party, Found Free CDs On My Doorstep

I left a holiday party early tonight in practice of self-restraint and an attempt to get rest for a long week of work (and more holiday parties). Santa must have noticed my 'nice' behavior, because sitting on my front door step was an awesome collection of CDs--Sonic Youth, R.E.M., Bowie, Hole, Iggy Pop, Pixies, Gossip, Smithereens...

No seriously, this is the best collection of free CDs I have ever found. High Five to being good!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celebrate Santacon with FREE Coke Minis!

SO MUCH CHRISTMAS SPIRIT in New York today, as it was the annual NYC SantaCon! From my observation, SantaCon is a worldwide celebration where people of all ages, races and sexual preferences dress in Santa outfits and convene to spread the holiday spirit with one to many spirits! I have never seen so much red and white and cheering in one place outside of a BU hockey game. Below are pics taken at Washington Square Park.
Coca-Cola also introduced its new product the COKE MINI today! 90 calories of Coca-cola in a 7.5 oz can. Street teams around Union Square gave out massive amounts of Coke Minis. A move to build awareness of the product during a time where people are calorie-conscious from all the holiday feasting. Coke Minis are currently only being introduced to New York City and Washington D.C., while the rest of the country will be able to purchase the drink in March 2010. The best part is Coke Minis make great chasers to Santa's whiskey flask.

Party Like It's AOL!

I have been against cases of re-branding in the past, but this time I feel differently about AOL's new, more-modern identity. Having worked on a campaign for AOL Instant Messenger in college for the National Student Campaign (click here for our plansbook) and spending a year figuring out how to save the dated company--I'm rooting for AOL to succeed. This past Thursday, AOL is back to being an independent company, splitting from Time Warner, and what better way to celebrate a breakup than with a huge party at the New York Stock Exchange with P.Diddy?!?

That's right. AOL or Aol. or whatever is it is making a comeback with a big bang and big attitude on the stock exchange floor with celebrities like P. Diddy and Anna Wintour. I like the use of white space and splashes of color on the homepage and am excited to see what other changes will help the brand regain (a part or all) its once-omnipresence.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy BOW-loney

My favorite--bows!
Forever 21
Agent Provocateur
Last but not least...
Kate Spade

Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow of Winter 09

This is the first time that I have not seen snow until December. I guess I sort of cheated too, since I went to Boston last weekend and saw my first snow of the winter there. The snow started in the afternoon and went on all night. There was a few inches that stuck to the ground, enough to form snowballs and throw them at cars.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Long-Awaited Halloween Jai Ho Dance

This Halloween history was made. The media department at Digitas NY won the war against the S&A (strategy & analysis) team for Best Group Costume at the annual Digitas Halloween party. Finally S&A's winning streak is over!! The media performance revolved around a romance between an Indian Vampire and a Jewish Werewolf (don't ask.) and began with a pre-filmed skit, which I will try to get a hold of, and ended with Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire's Jai Ho. Check out the Jai Ho dance here:

The competition was close, as S&A did Dirty Dancing meets Single Ladies meets VMA Kanye meets Lady Gaga, but I'm glad MEDIA WON because we put a lot of work into practicing the dance.