Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kelly Cutrone, The New & Cooler Oprah

The ONLY smart thing said tonight during MTV's back-to-back premiere of The Hills and The City was fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone's response to Whitney Port's doubts about showing at Fashion Week: "Average people love to be average because nobody bothers them.  Do you want to be average?"

Of course not.  No one wants to be average Kelly!

Cutrone started with a small role as the brutally honest boss on The Hills, and now has her own show on Bravo called Kell On Earth and a book called If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.  It may seem like she is milking her 15 minutes of fame, but I have to disagree--Kelly Cutrone is the best thing that has happened  to MTV and reality television.  She's reaching a whole other demographic that Tyra, Oprah or Ellen can't.  It's the demographic of young women (and maybe gay men) who aspire for fame and success, who want to attend the hottest clubs and wear black patent stilettos to work.

She is like a Master Jedi, always so wise and very right.  I want to see more of Kelly on The City and in the media (she's smarter than that and will probably refrain from doing more), but maybe Kelly can save our generation of fake-boob, botoxed-out, gossip-obsesessed young women.  And if not, I don't blame her for not wanting to.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Dream of Gaga

I noticed a resemblance between Barbara Eden from TV show I Dream of Jeannie and Lady Gaga.  Perhaps Gaga's next inspiration should be genies?

Friday, April 23, 2010

My First Freelance Writing Gig For

Last Christmas, I was assigned my first freelance writing assignment for the Go Hawaii website to cover three attractions on the Windward Coast.  I was so excited to be able to write for a website and visit all my favorite places!  Firefly Interactive in Honolulu is the agency responsible for the site and content development and they did an amazing job with the GoHawaii site redesign!

They edited my writing a bit, but I am still so very happy to see it live:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Immigrant In East Village

Hidden on 9th street close to the 1st avenue corner is a strangely pleasant beer and wine bar named The Immigrant.  Walking home one evening (same route for the past 8 months), I spotted a well-dressed couple having beer in the dimly lit, exposed brick, rich wood interior of the bar.  Before that moment, I have NEVER seen the bar and had to do a double-take to make sure I was seeing right.  It was like Hogsmead from Harry Potter, a make-believe bar in a make-believe place.

Opened about three months ago by Jason (who actually used to live in the building above the bar), The Immigrant is exactly what East Village needs--a quiet, musky, East London-reminiscent, The Smiths-playing relaxing spot to grab a pint or glass anytime after 5 until 4 a.m.  The Immigrant is extremely understated inside and out.  You probably would miss it on the street if it wasn't for the giant glass window, and the inside fits about 30 people comfortably.  In the back are intimate candle-lit booths and the front is a high bar with stools.  Feels rich minus the snootiness.

I don't drink much wine, but the red I ordered was delicious ($9/glass).  There are two beers on tap, Rare Vos and a Six Point ($6).  Jason plans to change the taps seasonally and kindly let us try his next considerations Brooklyn Summer and some Belgian beer which I preferred more.  Bottles include Schneider Weisse, Three Philosophers, Amstel Light, Guiness and Harp.  Its a tight selection but everything on it is AWESOME.  My most memorable part about The Immigrant is the modest selection of finger foods like dried fruit, assorted bruschetta and anchovies and toast which goes perfectly with the wine and beer. 

Jason now lives in Williamsburg and told us he misses the East Village.  Now with his gem of a bar, there is more to love about this neighborhood.  I have been to The Immigrant three times in the last month and that is a lot to say about any NYC bar.

The Immigrant
341 East 9th Street

Thursday, April 15, 2010

As Close To The Stanley Cup I'll Ever Get

The NHL Playoffs begin today!  The NHL Network brought the Stanley Cup to the MediaVest office today, and forgive my language, I almost dropped panties (I wouldn't of course).  I am more excited than ever for the playoffs because 1) I actually care since I am no longer in college 2) There's fighting in professional hockey 3) It's a longer season; but, will I ever be as loyal to any professional team as I am to the Boston University Terriers?  Probably not. 
Every night, I watch Stanley Cup Playoff commericals that replay hockey legends hoisting the cup over their heads, kissing it gently like it is the greatest achievement in their life, and Me--I do paid search--I get to touch this prized possession! This is as close as I'll ever get to the cup.  I may never play hockey, but I appreciate what the Stanley Cup playoffs stand for--it stands for close calls, smart plays, great opportunity--and the team that wins will see every championship team before them engraved into the cup, with the most recent Pittsburgh Penguins, and know that they are among the best.

I feel very lucky because this isn't the first time my work has led me to a trophy.  When I interned at the Greater Boston Visitors & Convention Bureau, I got to see the 2007 World Series Trophy, which also made me almost drop panties.  I'm very grateful to be able to share what some people work their whole lives for--it's inspiring, it really is.  God, I love hockey.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Rooftop BBQ Is Back

NYC hit 80 degrees this weekend, which means... BBQ!
Big thanks to:
Sophie, for her secret dip that rocked my world
Jason, for the giant container of brandy apples in my fridge (more Sangria?)
Larissa, for always bringing the sausage and 40s
Hannah, for eating the food (so proud!)
Sindoni, for her beanie weanies which we did not eat yet (more for the both of us)
Steve, for bringing the meat
Ben, for making the strangest but surprisingly good salad of avocado, strawberry pears & pine nuts?
Ted, for getting a haircut downstairs before the BBQ
Amanda, for moving to NYC from Orlando (WELCOME)
Gabs & Tori, for the most amazing corn
Steph, for breaking my anti-social stint
Sean, for manning the grill and looking good while doing it
Nina & Alex, for the mochi ice cream and the German jokes that ensued

Friends, food and lots of NHL hockey.  My day is complete.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where To Watch Every Sports Game In NYC

I was looking for a bar to watch UFC 112 tonight (BJ PENN!) and stumbled upon Where We Watch, a site dedicated to sports bars in NYC and where to watch all your favorite teams.  To all non-New York sports fans, there is a bar for you and no more calling random bars until you find your game.  Cheers.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Adstravaganza, Another Reason To Study Advertising At BU

Just when I thought I couldn't love Boston University's College of Communication more, they throw an awesome after work happy hour event at midtown NYC bar Branch.  Adstravaganza brought together BU Advertising Professors and their former Ad students through open bar--wine, beer, top-shelf-- and endless hors d'oeuvres like shrimp skewers and mozzarella tomato paninis (not sure if sliders and quesadillas count) and a sushi buffet.  About 200 people RSVP'ed and the turn out was great.  Adstravaganza is just another example of how BU emphasizes networking and maintaining meaningful relationships.  I was so happy to see Professor Cakebread (Ad 101), Professor Austin (Art Direction), Professor Verret (NSAC) and although I never had class with Professor Fauls (Media & Interactive) he was a pleasure to talk to especially since now I work in digital media.

I can't thank BU COM faculty enough for their passion and support and the excellent party they threw tonight!

Photo recap:
Adstravaganza Ribbons everywhere at Branch
Digitas peeps (and friends) represent!
A few words from Dean Tom Fiedler.  Berkovitz, as always, the best.
NSAC Advisor Professor Verret!  Come to BU on May 1 to support the 2010 NSAC Competition featuring client State Farm
BU even had its own drink- The AdTini.  Ice Louge and all.
All in all, BU COM rocks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

52nd St Manhole Fire At My Office

With my headphones on listening to Blink-182 (old school, I know) and fidgeting on pivot tables, I hear a mumbled male voice over the intercom saying something about a fire and Viacom but nothing about evacuating, so I went back to doing work.  Fire? Meh, nothing to be alarmed about.  Turns out there ACTUALLY was a big fire right downstairs of my office at 52nd St and Broadway.  A manhole exploded from an underground fire around 4 pm.

The video below shows the manhole explosion:

Every five minutes after the fire, I could hear a muffled siren heading our way.  Around 7 pm, the voice over the intercom told us they were shutting down the A/C in the building (my network server was also shut down, no warning was given) and wanted us to turn off all lights not being used in order to use less electricity, as ConEd demanded.  I left work right after.  I exited the lobby elevators and the building's Southwest entrance that faced the blast was roped off.  Over 15 fire trucks were parked at the intersection.  Evacuated-Broadway show attendees, television crews and nosy tourists crowded the streets.  The ridiculous number of fire trucks parked in the middle of Times Square was more of a spectacle than the hopefully smothered fire.

Awesome Cube Leads To Happiness At Work

The best and only advice I received about making a new office/desk/cube feel like home or as inspirational as your last location is to decorate it and make it a destination.  A destination you would want to go everyday to work.  And, decorate my cube I did.
My cube/pod was a little 'red' heavy with all the BU and Digitas memorabilia but I think I balanced it out pretty well with the giant, green cardboard palm tree in the center (which I found in our recycling bin.  Score for old party decorations!).  It's a work in progress, but I already feel my work progressing!  I feel very focused in my little Oasis.  Now all I need is a mini fridge.

Advice:  If your work environment feels a little uninspired or stale--pull some pages out of your favorite magazine and start plastering it on your cube.  Bring lamps, books, statues, jerseys, pucks (for paperweights) or paper palm trees, but DECORATE YOUR CUBE YOU MUST.  There are some things at work you don't have control over (like the fact that they moved you to a different cube or office), but decorating your cube anyway you want--Bauhaus, sorority style, hipster or sports fanatic--to keep you inspired and excited for work is a privilege you have to use.