Saturday, October 27, 2012

Going to #Sensation Saturday? Here's a Few Things to Know Before Heading to Barclays Tonight

For Saturday Sensation goers, here's a few things to know:
  • There's a capacity on the floor, so if you want to be on the floor for the opening, which you do, arrive early or on time and head straight down to the bottom.
  • There ARE bathrooms on the floor. The line may look insane but moves quicker than you'd expect. You want to wait in the left side because that is the "in" entrance while the other is for people to come out.
  • There are NO bars on the floor but occasionally a man with a chest of beer will be walking around 
  • Bring cash because the beer boys and bars in the deluxe/VIP sections near the floor don't take credit cards   
  • Drinks are expensive (duh.):
    • Bud Light Platinums is $10
    • Red Bull Vodka is $18
  • Food stands are open the entire time. You know you'll get hungry from all that dancing.
  • The show and sound from the seats is actually pretty awesome. If you need to take a break from the floor its worth sitting up on the seats because the show looks entirely different from up there. 
Dressing up is also half the fun so make sure you look nice in white!

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