Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Locked .png Inspiration For My Wedding Website

I recently completed the Thank You page for my wedding website, which consists of 80+ Fujifilm Instax photos compiled on my wedding day. The intent of the Instax photos was for the guest book, but I'm so happy that someone decided to pass around the camera and take shots during the wedding because some of these are #priceless.

Before the wedding, I hadn't thought about how I wanted to share these Instax photos except that I would scan and post them onto the site. This weekend, my husband Sean scanned all the photos and I brainstormed and sketched ideas on how I wanted to present them. I've been wanting to experiment with a locked .png design for websites and thought this Thank You page was the perfect opportunity.

After 3 or 4 different designs, I ended up designing a simple semi-transparent heart frame that served as a viewfinder for the Instax photos as you scrolled through. I'm particularly proud and happy with the way the page turned out, especially since it is consistent with the pink and heart theme from my wedding and captures the joy and fun of the day.

Check it out here:

The inspiration to use a locked .png came from the websites below which all feel simple (an adjective from my wedding mood board). What I like about the floating locked .png and the scrolling movement behind it is that it makes the experience feel playful and tangible by providing layers.

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