Monday, October 19, 2009

163, Not For Hawaii

I am very upset that Hawaii's public schools has cut 17 Friday's out of the current school year because the State does not have enough money to pay its teachers. Seventeen entire days of education gone, making the school year down to 163 days, one of the shortest school year in the country.

Do you know how many years of American history, algebraic equations and recesses this equals? An invaluable amount of knowledge and experiences that's unfortunately loss to public school students like my younger brother Zadrian (11 years-old) and sister Zoe (5 years-old). Very likely these 17 long weekends will be spent watching Hannah Montana or iCarly--I foresee long-term consequences to this seemingly short furlough.

It is very sad that Hawaii's public school students are getting the short end of the stick, when it already suffers from a mediocre education system. Parents are coordinating with Afterschool Programs to keep the schools open on the furloughed Fridays, but my guess is legal issues will make opening the school very unlikely.

It's important that those in Hawaii spread the word and concern: 163, Not For Hawaii. We Want 180 Too, Put Our Kids Back in School.

I can't help that my inner-marketer is so dominant.


  1. I heard that Hawaii has a not so good school system and that was one of the places i wanted to travel to while my hubby is in the military I am firm believer in the importance of education, and I just dont see what the purpose of 17 days out of school will accomplish, while i do agre that teachers are overworked and underpaid, there has to be a reasonable solution that will benefit everyone in the long run. Children do need a break, but i do agree that they have too many unescessary days out of school as it is. My family and I are currently living in Germany and I am quite frustrated this week because the kids went to schoool on monday, they had a half a day today, they will be out weds Nov 11 in observance of Veterans Day, they will go back to school on Thursday and will be out again on friday. Give me a break when I was in school i dont recall being out nearly as much as my kids are. It is what it is what can you do.