Wednesday, September 30, 2009


One thing I love about my job is discovering new markets and industries I otherwise would never know about, such as the mommy bloggers, small business owners and NASCAR FANS!! Tonight, I attended a reception hosted by the New York Times introducing a very unlikely partnership between the NYT, NASCAR, Tommy Baldwin Racing and Guy Fieri. NASCAR fans are brand-loyal, have a 50K+ average income and there's A LOT of them. The best part of the reception is Guy Fieri--he's hilarious, down-to-earth and cooked up some of his famous Cajun Chicken Alfredo.
I'm already a fan of fast cars, so this can't be a bad discovery can it?


  1. AHHH so jealous! how did nina get to go? guy fieri is my favorite chef!!!!!

  2. I like how when we were at Whole Foods, a little kid pointed at him and was like, "It's the guy from the Food Network!" and their parent reprimanded them, saying he probably gets bothered enough. Clearly, they were talking about you.

  3. Gabs, I invited Nina because I thought she would like to attend a NYT event, being a journalism major and all.

    Jason, yes I would be that little kid.

  4. it's me!!! gabs, we got his recipe for the cajun chicken pasta. we can make it! you lead the way, since you're a better cook :)