Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celebrate Santacon with FREE Coke Minis!

SO MUCH CHRISTMAS SPIRIT in New York today, as it was the annual NYC SantaCon! From my observation, SantaCon is a worldwide celebration where people of all ages, races and sexual preferences dress in Santa outfits and convene to spread the holiday spirit with one to many spirits! I have never seen so much red and white and cheering in one place outside of a BU hockey game. Below are pics taken at Washington Square Park.
Coca-Cola also introduced its new product the COKE MINI today! 90 calories of Coca-cola in a 7.5 oz can. Street teams around Union Square gave out massive amounts of Coke Minis. A move to build awareness of the product during a time where people are calorie-conscious from all the holiday feasting. Coke Minis are currently only being introduced to New York City and Washington D.C., while the rest of the country will be able to purchase the drink in March 2010. The best part is Coke Minis make great chasers to Santa's whiskey flask.

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  1. I had a coke mini, but after I finished it, I was still thirsty.