Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party Like It's AOL!

I have been against cases of re-branding in the past, but this time I feel differently about AOL's new, more-modern identity. Having worked on a campaign for AOL Instant Messenger in college for the National Student Campaign (click here for our plansbook) and spending a year figuring out how to save the dated company--I'm rooting for AOL to succeed. This past Thursday, AOL is back to being an independent company, splitting from Time Warner, and what better way to celebrate a breakup than with a huge party at the New York Stock Exchange with P.Diddy?!?

That's right. AOL or Aol. or whatever is it is making a comeback with a big bang and big attitude on the stock exchange floor with celebrities like P. Diddy and Anna Wintour. I like the use of white space and splashes of color on the homepage and am excited to see what other changes will help the brand regain (a part or all) its once-omnipresence.

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