Friday, March 26, 2010

Same Blog, New Name

I decided today to change the name of my blog 'The Daily Zeny', because 1) I do not update my blog daily and 2) I am not a fan of false claims, so I give you the new and improved and very honest 'From A to Zeny'!  My blog covers many of my passions--advertising, hockey, eating and absurdity--so the diversity and necessity of the alphabet seemed fitting.  Sadly by changing my blog name, I have lost all past comments (I was not aware that this would happen--I wish I saved that one comment from the Canadian who called my friend ignorant because he was American).

I appreciate all the comments and support I have received on my blog and am excited for future posts! I found some old photos while being home in Hawaii, and below is proof that very little about me changes, so I hope you will continue to visit the blog!

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