Monday, December 20, 2010

Justin Bieber Doesn't Stand A Chance in South Korea

The past four days I was in South Korea visiting my college roommate Reese who is now a Visiting Professor at KAIST (a Science and Technology University in Daejeon).  There was no question that I would love Korea because I love Korean food--but I've discovered that like every Asian country, the shopping and markets are also awesome in Korea.  We spent two days in Seoul and two days in Daejeon, which was perfect because I was able to relax the second half.  I have concluded that Korean boys have better hair (and by "better", I mean "girlier") than Justin Bieber, fruity soju drinks are quite possibly the best alcoholic drink ever and old Korean grandpas and grandmas can out hike me any day.  I ate a lot of Korean food, especially the common street food tteokbokki (tok-boki), which is a chewy cylindrical rice cake in a spicy red sauce.  I'm now boarding my flight to Narita Airport in Tokyo, so more updates later!  Annyeonghi Gaseyo!


  1. maybe the fog picture was worth it. too bad you didn't get a picture of the chicken man in the elevator. MISS YOU ALREADY 안녕히가세요!
    p.s. im stealing all of these pics

  2. told you the fog picture would be worth it. don't worry reese, i have a ton of you & your family i'm going to post up on flickr when I get home. thanks again for everything, and I apologize if you ever bump into the chicken-smelling man again.