Monday, December 13, 2010

Profile Manipulation, Is Facebook Becoming More Like MySpace?

Facebook did something right this time around.  The new profile format, which debuted last week, is much more photo focused (we all know we love those Facebook photos!) but better yet the new layout allows some personal creativity to seep into the once rigid, uniform Facebook page.  Check out some really inspiring profile updates that I found on BuzzFeed:

Being able to creatively manipulate your profile page reminds me of the days of MySpace when you could tweak the HTML code to change your profile's background photo, layout, border colors, music, etc.  I highly doubt Facebook will EVER let anybody, not even Mark Zuckerberg, skin their own profile but I will settle for the 5-box photo line below my name as a tipping point to some potentially amazing creative and viral marketing ideas.  If you are interested in tweaking your profile, first you will need to hide photos tagged of you in your privacy settings and then in backwards order upload your five photos (exact size 97 x 68 pixels) to your profile picture.  I decided to rep the "From A to Zeny" blog on my page since the website info or personal blurb no longer exists on the left.  The possibilities are endless so go CRAZY!

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