Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is the NHL Marketing Hockey to Hipsters?

Sure seems like it to me. If you live in or have been to hipster-central Williamsburg Brooklyn recently, you may have noticed the NHL playoff slogan "History will be made" stenciled on Bedford Ave or outside the Lorimer L stop. Initially I was confused at the logic of promoting the NHL playoffs to hipsters, because why the hell would hipsters care about hockey? They have better things to do like farm their own tomatoes or take hipstamatic prints of their favorite chai latte... I'm kidding. Most people probably think Versus, the channel dedicated to airing the playoffs, is better off stenciling Stanley Cups in frat-central Murray Hill; however, I really think Versus is onto something in trying to expand the NHL fan base among the hipster audience.
Here's why I think Hockey will grow in popularity among hipsters:
1) According to Wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia), "While the NHL does not hold one of the largest fan bases in North America, it does hold one of the most affluent fan bases." Perfect. Most Hipsters look like they have money.

2) Hipsters love vintage fashion (this includes the 90s) and what is more iconic than vintage NHL hockey jerseys. The NHL has embraced the throwback jersey in lots of big-stake games, so if hipsters aren't watching hockey for the fighting they can watch it for the fashion.

3) MUSTACHES. Dude, hipsters love their mustaches ( and so do playoff hockey players (NYT covers Boyle & Dubinsky's dirty staches).

4) Happy, Cameron & Wayne were hockey fans:
In Hockey's name, good luck NHL on the "Gain Hipster Fans" mission. I'm on your side!

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