Monday, April 4, 2011

One Two Many Asia Dogs at Brooklyn Flea Williamsburg

There maybe one thing I love as much as open air flea markets--hots dogs covered in ridiculous Asian inspired toppings. I ate two hot dogs today from the Asia Dog food stand at the new Brooklyn Flea location in my hood of Williamsburg. I had "The Vinh", the banh mi inspired dog, and "The Sidney" which had a thai mango relish and crushed peanuts on top. The hot dogs aren't huge like what you would get from Nathan's so don't judge me because I ate two; plus, it was 2 for $7 and 1 for $4 (the Asian in me would obviously take advantage of the $1 difference). I'm really excited for the new Brooklyn Flea location and am pretty confident I will be making the market a Sunday tradition from now on, definitely can't make the eating-two-hot-dogs a week a tradition. That would NOT be good.

Sean had "The WangDing" (right), a pork belly covered hot dog
Went back for a second dog with Natalie, she too also ordered the "WangDing"
A sunny but still windy and cold Sunday. Can't wait for the weather to get warmer.

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