Monday, May 23, 2011

My Just Dance Obsession is Now on National TV

I received a text at 8:40 pm from my friend Alicia saying: Ummm just saw you in a commercial... A just dance 2 commercial.

Well SURPRISE friends and America, my slightly embarrassing obsession with the dancing Wii game is now made public in a new national TV commerical for the Just Dance Your Way to Katy Perry contest!! Me and my younger siblings Zadrian and Zoe are in the first few seconds of the commercial dancing to Katy Perry's Firework and Zoe has a pretty awesome close up towards the end (upper left corner in the image above). Beyond what this commercial could mean for my blossoming dance career (I kid.) or my professional status (there's no escaping the "nerd" title now), this clip means a lot to me because it reminds me of how special and fun spending time with my family and siblings is. I spent a good two weeks playing Just Dance "Firework"with them over Christmas vacation and to share this coincidental moment of commercial fame is pretty awesome.

All of this happened in the last two weeks, when the production company for Ubisoft commercial asked if they could use our YouTube video that I posted in December in a national TV commercial for Just Dance. Naturally, I consented. The commercial premiered today during the Billboard Music Awards, you can also watch it on YouTube, see below:
I video-chatted with Zadrian and Zoe today to talk about the commercial and seeing their smiles makes me really happy and at the sametime sad to be over 3,000 miles away from them.
Congrats to Zadrian and Zoe, you two surprise and inspire me with your talent everyday. Keep being the awesomely crazy, energetic kids we Huang children somehow turn out to be.
Love, Jiejie

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