Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GSP Tweets, Late Adoption Better Than Thoughtless Adoption

There is a lot of pressure for Advertising Agencies to keep up with emerging media, technology and whatever is the latest and greatest that many times the adoption of new trendy media is rushed into without much thought as to how it can be BEST used for a brand, company or campaign. I have seen brands demand to join Facebook without any idea of how they want to connect with their fans or what content will live on the page. I am not saying that there isn't a benefit to being the first to integrate with foursquare or the first to reach a million fans on twitter, I am saying that there should be smart thinking (if any thinking at all) behind the adoption of new media.

I bring this up is because one of my longtime favorite ad agencies Goodby, Silverstein & Partners joined twitter last week--somewhat late for an agency as innovative and creative as GSP--with the handle @GSP (not to be confused with @GeorgesStPierre the Canadian MMA fighter). GSP debuted their Twitter with a The Office-style documentaryesque video that captures the universal challenge of figuring out "How the hell do we use Twitter?!" while demonstrating the unique thinking the agency puts into their work. Great job GSP!  

"What if we posted something really artful like a semi-colon..." - Rich Silverstein

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