Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keeping Up With The Huangs [PHOTOS]

I see my family for only about a month's worth of time in a full year, which is why I was super excited for my entire family (usually my dad doesn't make it on trips because of work) to visit NYC this past week. Originally we had planned to go to China to visit my dad's hometown, but due to some recent circumstances, my mom decided it would be best to visit me in New York.

I couldn't wait to take my family around Williamsburg, to the Brooklyn Flea market, row boats at Central Park and maybe catch a Broadway show (this didn't happen, so I guess I still have to check that off my NYC bucket list). My mom, dad, popo (grandma on my Mom's side) and three younger siblings Zachary (20, a Junior at BU and a hippie rock climber), Zadrian (13, does kung fu and is training for a lion dance competition in Malaysia this Summer) and Zoe (my 7 year-old sister who has way too much energy) all stayed at my apartment in Brooklyn, so the day before they arrived I bought new pillows, sheets, towels, an inflatable mattress and stocked up the fridge with snacks and milk. I wanted this vacation to be perfect.

At the instant I heard my mom's loud voice echo through my apartment and my entire family flooded the living room, I knew this vacation was going to be crazy, like the first 18 years of my life living in the Huang household; however, things turned out to be imperfectly perfect: my dad ate his first Oasis $3 falafel sandwich and loved it, my mom drank more beer than I've seen in my 24 years of existence, Zachary was able to rock climb at Brooklyn Boulders and took Zadrian with him (converting him into a slack line enthusiast) and Zoe roasted her first marshmallow and made her first smores. My popo happily cooked me Chinese dinners every night. There were moments where I was stressed, tired, hot and annoyed but I couldn't have been happier than in the last seven days I spent in New York with my family.

My dad calls me and my siblings the "4 Zs", like we're some superhero team, and his only goal for the trip was to let the "4 Zs" reunite and spend time together. Mission Accomplished. Here are some photos of my crazy week vacation in New York with the fam:

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