Thursday, June 2, 2011

Learning To Love NYC

In a month marks my two years of living in New York City, and I can finally say that I'm comfortable calling this crazy place home at least for the next few years of my life. I can navigate the local and express trains without using a map, I have seen my share of celebrities (bumped into Chuck Bass smoking a cigarette in the LES, NBD, and ate lunch next to a real housewife of New York, you know the one that lives in Brooklyn) and I can't imagine living somewhere that didn't have a beer garden in the neighborhood. Am I a New Yorker now?

It's easy for tourists to quickly fall under NYC's enchantment and sport their "I HEART NY" shirts with pride, but it took me about two years and a lot of beers to come to terms with the chaos (overworking job, hobos on the subway, $6 boxes of cereal). New York City is a place that can destroy and save you at the very same time--and in this process I have learned to love New York.

Below are some interwebs stuff that capture what makes this city so great:
Tiffany & Co. - Love Is Everywhere Map (especially in NYC)
Dear NYC - An interesting collection of personal notes to NYC, you can make your own as well
Ottavia Bourdain (Anthony Bourdain's wife) served me ice cream from a truck called the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck--only in NYC!

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