Friday, September 30, 2011

The Late Night Happy Hour #HowToMakeIt

This week, HBO's show How To Make It In America is launching its second season big with one straight week of free "Late Night Happy Hours" leading up to the season premiere on Oct. 2nd. The synopsis of the show: "How To Make It In America follows two enterprising twentysomethings as they hustle their way through New York City, determined to achieve their vision of the American Dream." A fitting plot for almost every person living in NYC.

I attended the one hour Hudson Whiskey sponsored event last night at Nitehawk Cinema (my new favorite place with $3.50 Allagash White drafts for happy hour), sipping on custom cocktails called Brass Knuckle, Morning After and White Manhattan. That last one was particularly rough being it was straight New York Corn whiskey on ice with a twist of lemon peel, but one has learned not to complain when there is free booze in NYC.

The last Late Night Happy Hour is tonight at Happy Endings (10pm-11) in LES and Figure 19 (12am-1). RSVP here: 

HBO has always had very creative and buzzworthy tactics to promote its shows like the Sopranos Taxi Cab and Boardwalk Empire Subway Train. The Late Night Happy Hour is just as brilliant of an idea, especially the "hook up" napkins scattered throughout the bar. I'll probably watch the first season this weekend because the main character Brian Greenberg is pretty cute and it looks like my type of show... it's so tempting to order HBO.

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  1. Late night happy hours have to be one of my favorite things! It used to be like a fun surprise until I discovered City Maps and not it is something I actively seek out. Cheers to late night happy hour!