Sunday, October 9, 2011

Solving Problems 1 Clothes Pin At A Time

My desk at @JWTNewYork has a very pretty turquoise wall. Unfortunately I can't tack papers, pictures or posters on my wall since it is made of metal, so I thought of a SOLUTION: magnetic clothes pins!

Using magazine clippings from NYLON Japan and Vogue, I turned boring wooden clothes pins into artsy fartsy clips! I was pretty impressed with how the first batch of clips came out, considering I haven't used Elmer's Glue since the 1st grade. The magnetic tape I bought from the hardware store is pretty weak, so the clips can only hold one sheet of paper max, unless you double/triple up the clips.

I think these clips are a great idea for wedding favors or birthday gifts since you can personalize what goes on them (i.e. name and date of event or picture). Plus, clips are so useful... they close half-eaten chip bags, keep bills together, hold up clothes on a clothes line... who doesn't like clothes pins?

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