Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A to Zeny Jewelry, Inspiration Behind Piece No.1

Over this winter break I started to create my own one-of-a-kind jewelry. I found a spool of multi-colored knitted rope which reminded me of two things: 1) My brother and his girlfriend who rock climb and 2) the Big Bambu exhibit at the MET two summers ago.

My first piece, which is named "Mariah" after my brother's girlfriend, is a two-strand necklace that falls below the collar bone (good or layering) and is made out of knitted rope and cube-shaped glass beads in blue, turquoise and yellow. I was inspired by climbing knots and tied a few knots in the necklace. I'm making a limited number of the necklace and will be selling them on etsy soon. If you're interested in buying or requesting a custom-necklace, feel free to contact me or leave a comment. More pieces to come!
Pic below is Mariah with my brother Zack at Lanikai beach in Kailua, HI

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