Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Does your campaign have an official hashtag? Is your campaign cool? Well it should be both. It's safe to say when #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage trends for days on twitter, hashtags have reached mass usage in the US (unless you're targeting the 60+ crowd). Most campaigns aim to generate buzz and awareness through social channels, and to do that, marketers need to do some preparation in seeding the conversation by designating a campaign hashtag in the creative. Sometimes (rarely), campaigns are EPIC enough to sprout and carry conversation on its own but most brands can't afford to use Justin Bieber.

Hashtags are innately social as its intended use is to create a thread of conversation around a specific topic on twitter, and now, photo sharing sites like Instagram also have tag searching functions.

Here are some recent hashtagged campaigns:

1) #WalkofShame - Harvey Nichols

2) #BasketballNeverStops - Nike

3) #SWATH (Snow White & the Huntsman)

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