Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Imagining The Lowline" Exhibit

Last Saturday, I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge into the Lower East Side to check out the "Imagining the Lowline" exhibit (http://thelowline.org/exhibit) because I wanted to see what this underground public park space would look like. Seeing the success and thoughtful design of the Highline on the west side, I'm pretty excited for another public park cool enough to take my family or friends to visit. The exhibit was in a warehouse on Essex and Broome and included a nice history lesson on the Williamsburg Trolley Terminal beneath Delancey Street where the park is to be built and a cool installation of the sunlight-capture contraption that allows plants to grown underground. That was a terrible explanation, but you can read more about it here.  
 Beautiful day for a walk across the Williamsburg Bridge


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    1. Hi Tarene, I'd be happy to answer some questions. Do you have an email or twitter handle I can msg you my personal email at? -Zeny