Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Years Since Punahou

Today is my 5 year High School reunion at Punahou.  I won't be able to attend and eat delicious Hawaiian Food (haupia!), but I am MOST SAD that I won't be able to see my fellow class of 2005ers and most of all, my girls!  To all those who partied in high school, I do not envy you because you did not attend massive potlucks and film shorts about high aliens or hang out in the science center open lab.  Yes, we (the 13) were awesome and I wish 5 years later we could go back to being a crazy cult again.

Punahou was my first home.  My real home was just a place for me to sleep.  I can't imagine a better school with a glass lab, dark room or olympic-sized pool.  I miss Carnival, Holoku and dances--hopefully, in another 5 years, I can make our 10 year reunion.  Or someone get married soon (OPEN BAR)!

Photos from high school:

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