Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome NYC Interns to the Best Summer of Your Life

NYC interns, I would like to officially welcome you to the best summer of your life.  Alone or with a friend, nothing will compare to working in the industry of your dreams (and being underpaid) while living in the most expensive/fun city in America.  Locked and loaded with a closet of 'going out' clothes, little to no cash in your bank account and a monthly subway pass, Manhattan is your playground.  And boy will you play.

Summer in the city is the best time of year (I can now say I know what the other seasons are like) because of:
1) Outdoor drinking - Frying Pan, Bohemian Beer Garden, Me Bar, D.B.A.

2) Free concerts - Today Show Concert Series, Jelly Pool Parties, Summer Stage, Governor's Island

3) Fairs & Festials - Big Apple BBQ, Mermaid Parade, Pride Parade

4) and thousands of hormone-driven interns like YOU.

Besides your company dress code, live by the NYC Summer Bibles: Vanity Fair Summer Guide, TimeOut NY, Openbar NYC, Internbar, Urbandaddy and NY Mag.  This June in particular will be awesome with Internet Week, the NBA finals back to Celts & Lakers (BOO) and the World Cup!  With daily games and reasons for additional drinking, you can expect craziness to happen.

Like studying abroad, 50% (ok, maybe 30%) is about the 'study' or work and the other 50% (99%) is about the people you meet, the relationships you build and the good (sometimes bad) experiences you have with them.  With all this said, get familiar with top 40 summer hits and live it up. xx

My NYC Internship Summer circa 2008:

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