Monday, June 21, 2010

Icing Actually Sucks

So remember in my last post when I stated that 'Bros Icing Bros' was an awesome game, I was wrong.  It's all fun to ice your friends when they least expect it, but once you are iced for the first time, unprepared for the torture, the game starts to suck (and I'm not just saying this in a way that supports the game as being a cool way to humiliate people, it really does suck).

Example: My boyfriend asked me to turn on the christmas lights for our roof and when the lights didn't turn on, I went to check if it was plugged in--and Waahlahh! BAM! Right next to the outlet was a Smirnoff Ice just waiting for me.  I was iced by my own boyfriend.  Not fun.  Chugging Smirnoff Ice is the most unpleasant drinking experience ever.  The cold carbonation burns down your throat prolonging the chugging process while the sugary content lines your stomach causing a bad tummy ache and possible vomit action.  Now I see why Diageo pulled down the site, for the greater good of humanity and because Bros are never to be trusted.

The worst part about the game is that in New York, 6-packs of Smirnoffs (or any other beer for that matter) do not come cheap.  I had to run to the corner store to pick up a 6-pack in fear that I would be counter-iced.  AAAHHHH, icing just destroyed my Saturday... but I must say, the best ice of the night was on my roommate Ben, who when asked to start the grill, found a nice surprise:
The game officially started and ended for me on Saturday.  In the words of the 'Bros Icing Bros' epitaph: 'We had a good run bros...'

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