Friday, July 30, 2010

The Hills are Dead with the Sound of Fist Pumping

I will bet you a Jameson shot that tonight's premiere of Jersey Shore Season 2 had more viewers than the series finale of The Hills. Make that three shots. The Hills is officially dead, now that the Situation, Snooki and the crew is back taking over our televisions.

We love the Jersey Shore because in reality 20-somethings will act stupid, ridiculous, cheat, knock someone out, pull hair, get naked in hot tubs and miss their mommies. The JS cast is true to who they are (GTL), passionate (about partying) and when it comes down to it they are real friends that care about each other (not scripted--I'm talking about you Stacie the bartender).  Tonight's episode showed Sammi's struggle with loving her ex, JWoww and Snooki's sisterly love as they trek down to Miami, Ronnie's very single side and Angelina's attempt to fit in.

Haters can say that the JS cast don't deserve the fame and money they have received since doing the show, but the fact is they put EVERYTHING out there--balls-out, this is me, I will dance by myself if I want to, lift my shirt if I want to, punch a guy if I want to--this is pretty bold and raw stuff.  A part of JS's success is that America is tired of watching manicured, fame-hungry pseudo-celebrities with no personalities fill our screens (and get paid to do so).  Jersey Shore is messy, filthy and filled with more life (and less botox) than the entire existence of The Hills.

I am excited for this season in Miami and for Snooks to be Snooks!!

YESSSSS...Bebe tube dresses, Ed Hardy shirts, bling, hair gel & lots of black eyeliner
High School Drama, Plastic Surgery and Bad Acting, possibly the worst combination ever
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