Saturday, July 17, 2010

Menhanata Magic

It's been a while since I have stepped into a bar or club and thought to myself, "WHAT the Hellll?" (my last what-the-hell moment was probably Oct '08 at London's ultra club Matter for Justice).  Well what-the-hell has happened again.  Last week, I stepped into a seemingly not-so-happenin' bar in the Lower East Side to discover a 30 person shirtless French Brass band called Texas Couscous (this is a whole 'nother story) jamming to rap music, bollywood dancers with gypsy skills like lifting wooden chairs with your teeth and an all-you-can-drink vodka ice cage.  Welcome to the magic of Menhanata, and the best night you will have in the LES.  My Bulgarian friend Alex was celebrating his birthday at Menhanata (quite fitting) and I think we can conclude his birthday was a success.  Considering I was sweating nuclear bombs and probably would not have been fazed if a grizzly bear ran through the room and mauled the DJ, Alex's birthday was a success.

I'm not sure if this is a common occurrence at Menhanata but I just wanted to warn/inform you.  Oh and the ice cage is $20 for two minutes, so be prepared to down 10+ vodka shots.

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