Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pilot Handwriting, The Coolest Thing On the Web For Now

Digital advertising has been on a roll lately with Old Spice Man's hilarious twitter response videos and now, Pilot Handwriting--the most digitally savvy, brand-aligned interactive website I have ever seen.  Created by GREY Group SpainPilot Handwriting allows users to upload their very own handwritten typeface through a webcam and then send email messages in your handwriting.
Finally, a brand has created a website that is not just another user-generated content contest or an attempt to gain Facebook fans.  Pilot is absolute genius for recreating the personalization and sentiment of a handwritten note onto the computer.  It makes me all tingly inside just to think about it, not to mention the simplicity of the site design, easy-to-follow video demo and webcam functionality is just plain beautiful.  My only complaint about this site and possibly the reason why this site has not grown as big as Isaiah Mustafa is that you can only email one person at a time and the email message (sent as a jpeg) has a VERY UGLY PEN at the bottom.

I recommend that everyone check out and create your own typeface.  Then email me your best joke so I can steal your jokes and then judge you by your handwriting.  

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