Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Will Miss (Your Foods) East Village

As I count down the days until I can no longer call East 9th street home, I get sadder and sadder about the foods I will miss.  A good quarter of my salary has gone to supporting the restaurants, shops and bars in this neighborhood with no regrets.  Here are my favorite East Village eating spots:
Pomme Frites - large french fries w/ the free especial sauce (mayo, ketchup, chopped onions)
Artichoke - best after 2am
16 Handles - mangotango & eurotart flavors with mango, mochi and rainbow sprinkle toppings
Boka Bonchon - watermelon soju and soy garlic fried chicken
Pho 32 - #3 small pho
Spice - lettuce wraps and lemongrass seafood combo
Plump Dumpling - wonton noodles in curry soup
This Little Piggy - something else
The Immigrant - assorted bruschetta and wine
Led Zeppole - zeppoles with powdered sugar and maple syrup
Crif Dogs - chihuahua dog and tater tots
S'mac - garden lite nosh
Flea Market Cafe - french toast brunch
Esperanto - eggs benedict brunch
Prof Thom's -  harpoon and nachos, best NYC Boston Bar
Saint's Alps - mango sorpie bubble drink
Zen Sushi - sushi mania with salad
Xi'an Famous Foods - A1, B2, D4-S spicy
Lychee - $1 Chang Beer, drunken noodle
Itzocan - goat cheese ravioli, roasted stuffed chicken breast 

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