Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why We Love Don Draper & Now Jon Hamm

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Don Draper is 'not a good person' yells his secretary Allison (which he slept with) as she storms out on her job in last week's episode, than why is Don Draper, Creative Director of Sterling Cooper Draper Price, still the hottest man on television right now?  

Is it his full chest of chest hair or (I can only imagine) the smokey smell of bourbon and cigarettes from his lips.  Or, maybe it is his charisma and confidence in his work.  I do like the Creative-type.  Better yet, maybe it is his mysterious past as a poor farm boy bastard that makes him lovable.  Whatever the reason, Don is a major dick but we still love him for it.

Don Draper brings back to our televisions the man of the 50s & 60s--fitted suits, clean shaven, perfectly groomed hair--the suave, seductive man my grandfather might have been like when he was courting my grandma.  Like Humphrey Bogart or Larry Hagman, all Don Draper needs to do is look you in the eye, crack a slight smile and your heart will beat a little faster.  It's sex appeal you can't find in today's social-networking, hipster, jesus-hair, bros icing bros society, which is why Jon Hamm who plays Don is a genius.

According to a credible source wikipedia, Jon Hamm doesn't actually smoke real cigarettes during the show (he smokes herbal cigarettes), has been dating the same woman for 10 years and guess what, he loves hockey (St. Louis Blues to be exact)!!  Jon Hamm just topped the hottest man on television by being the hottest man I.R.L. (in real life).  Hamm was at a Rangers game I attended, and I look forward to his upcoming move The Town set in one of my favorite cities Bahstan.  No matter what though, Jon Hamm will always remind me of Don and that is not a terrible thing.

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