Monday, August 9, 2010

Seth & Summer FOREVER

There is hope for my favorite TV couple--Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts (i.e. real-life names Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson), since Rachel Bilson's engagement to Darth Vader has been officially called-off.  I KNEW that Seth and Summer would always be together... teenage soap operas never lie.  Look at Mischa Barton's career--trainwreck.  Time will tell whether the on-and-off screen romance will return (the teenager in me is pretty sure they're meant to be together).

In honor of Seth & Summer and the glory of The O.C. here are my top 5 favorite Seth & Summer moments:

1) The Declaration - Seth openly acknowledges his relationship with Summer on top of a coffee cart at school, and at this moment the Seth & Summer relationship is official
2) The Wonderwoman Xmas Present - In a war for Seth against the hipster Anna, Summer dresses up as Seth's fantasy Wonder Woman for Christmakuh
3) The Spiderman Kiss - After realizing she preferred to date a little boy over a sophisticated jock, Summer ditches a trip to Tuscany to make out with Spiderman Seth
4) Both For Brown - All high school relationships go through the what do we do after we graduate? talk and some like Seth and Summer take their chances in getting into the same school to stay together 

5) The Wedding - In the very last episode of the show, we find out that Seth and Summer do get married (foreshadowing?) despite having a rocky relationship throughout college

Wow it's been a long time since I have felt giddy about something, probably because I am not 16 and no longer find the Backstreet Boys attractive; however, this OC flashback makes me happy and feel somewhat dated.

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  1. i watched all four seasons when i was in Georgia last year. what a throwback it was!