Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sean & Greg's Epic Journey to Williamsburg White Castle

I was not surprised that when my roommates discovered there was a 24-hour White Castle four blocks east of our new Williamsburg apartment that a late-night epic journey to White Castle would ensue.  All day Saturday, everyone's minds was dwelling on that night's trip to the mystical fast food chain.  Most of us were White Castle newbies, never experiencing the mini sliders stoner's put on a pedestal.

My dear friend Greg who was visiting for the weekend captured the journey to White Castle on his iPhone complete with real-time commentary ("Sean and Greg go to White Castle.  Here we go.  We are walking to White Castle. Sean and Greg go to White Castle...").  I highly recommend watching the clips below, you will not be disappointed, it's double rainbow worthy.  

I ordered one original White Castle, one pulled pork and onion rings.  When my food arrived I got ahead of myself and bit my tongue so hard it started gushing blood all over my mouth that I could only taste my own blood (mmm yumm), which is ironic since I just had my wisdom teeth pulled last week (boo).  Lesson learned, don't get too excited at White Castle.

Photo recap:
Greg and Sean was too focused on the mission at hand to stop for a celebratory photo (see the two bodies behind, Greg is the one filming with his iPhone in front of him), but the rest of us was excited we made it
Mission accomplished, Sean and Greg made it to White Castle.  You can watch Greg's footage of his four-block journey to White Castle.  Part One:
Part Two, the promised update upon arrival at White Castle:

More White Castle hilariousness:

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