Sunday, September 12, 2010

Woot Woot--Live Bloggin' the VMAs

9:01pm - Eminem is giving me the Emperor vibe from Star Wars.  He looks a bit nervous, possibly pulling a Britney "Gimme More"?
9:04pm - I'm loving Rihanna's raggedy Ann red hair
9:06pm - Lindsay's cameo... jokes about drinking wonderful, but Chelsea Handler's entrance was definitely a better start than Russell Brand's.  YAY for the 1st female VMA host in six years.
9:12pm - "BIG BLACK ELEPHANT" = Kanye... however Taylor Swift is seemingly absent from the awards or else they would have zoomed the camera on her
9:16pm - Love the Alexander McQueen ensemble Gaga is wearing, especially those crazy heels
9:24pm - AHHHHHH my 7th grade crush Johnny Knoxville looks so hot in a suit
9:28pm - BIEBER FEVERRRRRRRR (before we get into that Kim's hair reminded me that I need to get a hair cut soon), glad Justin decided to have someone around his age on stage.  LITTLE KIDS ARE SO CUTE.
9:46pm - This Nicki Minaj girl needs to stop... can't take her seriously after her awful performance in the preshow.  I wonder if Eminem really had to leave or if he just didn't want to sit next to Gaga (where his assigned seat was).
9:55pm - There's always that one performance that saves the VMAs, and Florence and the Machine was it.  Thank you England.
10:07pm - Gaga outfit #2 < McQueen
10:08pm - TAYLOR SWIFT IS HERE, now when is Kanye going to jump on stage?
10:14pm - Deadmau5 is the second redeeming factor of this VMAs
Lady Gaga's meat dress just stole the show... who needs Kanye.

11:10pm - Kanye, "Let's have a toast for the Douche Bags."  I take it back, Kanye always finds a way be the scene-stealing douche bag he is.

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