Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why I Love Ben Affleck's Boston

There are so many landmarks, symbols, colors, things that define the city of Boston, and almost all of them show up time and time again in Ben Affleck's movies.  I saw The Town today, and from the very first scene--bird's eye view of Boston with the Garden in the center--I couldn't help but miss that city.  I'm pretty sure people from the Boston area look at movies like The Town in aversion the way I look at the remake of Hawaii Five-O, but to me, the accents, the Bruins and Sox jackets, the Irish bars, the yellow and orange Fall trees reminded me of all the reasons why I love Boston.

It wasn't until I lived in Boston for college did I understand how it felt to love something so much (like BU hockey) that you would do anything for it or understand how it felt to love something so much that is hurt like hell to lose it (like BU hockey).  I had the fortunate pleasure of working with great people from the Boston area that I would easily call family and the pleasure of witnessing a World Series win along with a National Championship.  Boston is a city where bonds and traditions are strong, and Affleck's The Town perfectly captures the romantic notion of duty, brotherhood and passion.

It always confuses me how a city like NYC can never live up to its movie persona, because the actual NYC is less glamorous, more dirty and smelly and people don't live in 3 bedroom apartments with giant living rooms.  Boston movies, however, always seem more real.  Less icing, more cake.

The Town was an awesome movie and I recommend seeing it.  Now I can't wait for hockey season to start!
Whos says NYC is more romantic than Boston?

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  1. Totally agree! The movie made me miss Boston a loot, too. And you're right, NYC never lives up to its reputation and image in movies and TV shows, shame.