Friday, November 19, 2010

Google's Will Change The Way We Shop

I'll admit that I don't find shopping for clothes fun anymore due to the long fitting room lines, missing sizes and overwhelming number of options, but this week, Google (of all things) is making a bold statement with the launch of, "a personalized shopping experience that lets you find and discover fashion goods, by creating your own curated boutique through a collection of boutiques curated by taste-makers--celebrities, stylists, designers and fashion bloggers".

I was curious what a fashion site built by Google would be like so I created an account today, and the first step is going through a photo style questionnaire that deciphers your personal style.  I have quite an eclectic, confusing style (NYC Black Boho Meets California Casual Retro?), so I was skeptical about BOUTIQUES being able to recommend things that I would like.  But no surprise, BOUTIQUES is awesome!  I would wear majority of the pieces recommended if I could afford it.  I am loving the Polyvore-esque personalization of your own boutique (you can upload your own images and share your style inspirations) and the coolest part is being able to browse pieces in the boutiques of popular fashion bloggers like Rumi Neely and celebrity style icons like Mary Kate (where is Rachel Bilson & Kate Bosworth?!).

BOUTIQUES is a user-friendly hub of fashion inspiration that uses runway and celebrity photos to help users guide their own personal style while seamlessly recommending pieces users may not have seen before.  Would be interesting to see how fashion labels/retailers are incorporated into the site, because I am sure the advertising platform for BOUTIQUES will awesome in its targeting capabilities.

Besides my recent trip to London's vintage flea markets and high street stores, it's been a while since I have been excited over beautiful dresses and funky heels.  BOUTIQUES reminds me of why I love fashion and shopping in the first place--reminds me that there are so many skirts, shirts, dresses, shoes and purses that scream "me".

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