Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Harry Potter Premiere Birthday

I might as well be celebrating my twelfth birthday today, considering I spent 10 hours camping out in Leicester Square for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 World Premiere with the ENTIRE British teenage female population.  I had a head cold and sore throat last night but somehow pulled myself together to arrive at Leicester Square around 8 am to wait in the miserable wind, rain and cold until 5 when the cast arrived (I might have cheated and ate lunch at Burger King followed by some dessert at Haagen Daz... it was really cold and rainy okay).  Even though I probably now have the flu, there was no way I would not have went to the premiere for the last Harry Potter movie in London ON MY BIRTHDAY.  I didn't make it into Leicester Square Gardens which was gated off (the people who made it in camped out for two days...) but I was still able to get close enough to Harry, Ron and Hermione for photos and autographs.  While I am a bigger fan of the books than the movies, Harry Potter in any shape or form has had a huge impact on my growing up and it is quite fitting that as I turn 24 today, I am also witnessing the end of something really significant from my childhood.

Yay! World Premiere of HP7 in London
Lines at 8am, wrapped around the square
 The premiere wasn't even set up yet
 Is that facial hair Harry?
 So is Draco Malfoy...
Japanese Newscaster Mr. E interviewing a crazy fan
 Emma Watson is looking hot, so is her brother
 Always so classy & elegant
One of the Twins!
 Ginny being Ginny, skipped autographs and went straight in
Oh Harry