Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Awesome Packing Skillz, 9 Full Days in a Carry-on

The weather in London for the next 10 days is supposed to be rainy, foggy and in the forties, so packing for unpleasant weather is always a pain with all the jackets, coats and big boots.  But from my years of having to fly standby I have mastered the art of minimal packing and managed to fit three dresses, one set of PJs, 9 days of underwear and socks, a sweater, four blouses, a purse, two tights, a book and booties--with room for me to bring back a jar of marmite, several packs of Haribo Tangfastics, a box of PG tips and some rolls of Digestives biscuits.  London, I am ready!         

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