Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finally, I Have Found the Dress of My Dreams

Every girl thinks about what her wedding dress will be like, and for me, it's a mystery. I can't seem to pinpoint exactly the type of wedding dress I want for that special day, whenever that day may be (definitely not soon but always good to plan ahead). All I know is that I want chiffon, lace, detailing and sleeveless NOT strapless. And while this may seem very specific, it's not. I have discovered from my former roommate's obsession for TLC's Say Yes to the Dress that wedding gown varieties are infinite and if you don't know what you want--you end up looking ridiculous.

However, today, I have finally found the dress of my dreams from Elie Saab's Fall 2011 Couture collection (see image above). I love the sheer confetti effect and would most likely cut the cape off, even though it is quite awesome. There were so many dresses that I loved from the collection. I had two other favorites that I would consider wearing with some minor tweaks i.e. cut down on the bling. I have finally found a wedding dress (or dresses) that is a reflection of me and what I would want to wear on one of the most important days of my life. I'm obsessed with 60s fashion and I want a design that's timeless (think Audrey-esque) but not costumey, and Elie Saab's couture dresses is exactly that.

Now the question is: How much does a couture dress cost?

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