Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My First Attempt at a Homemade English Breakfast

Is it wrong that on the night of celebrating America's Independence, I was craving a full English breakfast? I went to bed dreaming about waking up to baked beans and a juicy grilled tomato, so when I got up this morning (my office gets the day off!) I went straight to the supermarket to find me some tomatoes, portobello mushrooms and sausage (my kitchen is always stocked with bacon, eggs, bread and surprisingly, baked beans). To my disappointment, I couldn't find pork and leek sausages in three different groceries stores, so I settled for chicken sausage... boo. I'm usually not this ambitious when it comes to cravings but I really really wanted an English Breakfast and didn't feel like spending $11 at Five Leaves for a semi-authentic one.

After three supermarkets and 15 minutes later, I cooked my FIRST ENGLISH BREAKFAST! It was delicious, and yes, I purposely did not include the blood pudding. I can do without that part. Here's a pic:
Was it as authentic as the English breakfast I had at the Breakfast Club in London pictured below? Not entirely, but it was definitely satisfying and now I'm really really full.

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