Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Getting Tattooed For Good!

Just kidding, I'm only getting a temporary tattoo but the "good" part is true! Last night, I attended the launch party for my friend Robyn's and her friend Lauren's charitable fundraiser called The Temporary Tattoo Project, where they commissioned 6 tattoo artists to design temporary tattoos inspired by 6 orphaned Kenyan children who the proceeds will go to. The organization that The Temporary Tattoo Project is supporting is called Flying Kites.

I'm such a fan of Robyn and Lauren's dedication to this project and am inspired by their creativity and intelligence. The tattoos are $12 each and you can purchase all 6 for $50.**Update: The tattoos range in prices depending on size of tattoo, see pricing list below. It's not a steep price considering you'll be improving a kid's life in Africa and will look really badass while doing it (consider going with a sleeve?). You can buy the tattoos this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene on Saturday and at Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg on Sunday. Everyone should stop by and get one or all!
I chose tattoo artist Robert Bonhomme's lotus flower which supports Miriam of Flying Kites. All the tattoos come in a beautiful envelope with a keepsake card so even when the tattoo fades you can remember the child you supported. I'm wearing my flower tomorrow so I may have to get more this weekend. You can view all 6 designs on their Facebook page here,
I wish Robyn and Lauren the best of luck, but my hunch is they won't need it since a brilliant idea always sells itself.

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