Sunday, August 14, 2011

Balls Everywhere: The Meatball Competition Dinner Party [PHOTOS]

Yes, I have the maturity of a 9 year-old and still find "balls" funny. I also have a serious issue of turning every dinner party into some form of competition. Is it to much to ask my guests to judge their dinner based on taste, presentation and originality? I need to layoff the Food Network for a bit.

Last night, I held the first annual Meatball Competition Dinner Party! Attendees were required make some form of meatball--or bring beer. We ended up with 5 different meatballs, all delicious, and a lot of beer. The whole idea for "battle of the balls"came about this past Thursday after the LMFAO concert when we ordered a "pot of meatballs" from Spitzer's Corner in the LES and was slightly underwhelmed by the small quantity. Also, I recently couldn't get a seat at The Meatball Shop on Bedford Ave. so all of this ball-related frustration led to probably the best dinner party I've had in a while.

I'm already brainstorming my next food-themed competition... Dumplings? Pot pies? Sushi?

Below are photos of the preparation and meatballs. Ball app├ętit!
Ben's Turkey Meatballs with Leek Sauce
 My Curried Meatballs with Potatoes
Here's the recipe I used:
 Sean's Traditional Italian Meatballs sans Sauce
 And, Jason's large Buffalo Balls with Bourbon Reduction
Sadly I forgot to take a picture of Sean's Teriyaki Balls before everyone ate them. Yes, they were THAT good.