Wednesday, August 31, 2011

High Fashion Fun: How LANVIN's Newest Campaign Changes Everything

I am obsessed. Obsessed with LANVIN's Fall 2011 campaign featuring two gorgeous models (Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmerman) dressed head-to-toe in ornate floral and no doubt absurdly expensive creations dancing to Pitbull (Gasp! Not even a recent hit... "Calle Ocho" from 2009)! I first noticed this awesomely addicting campaign as a print spread in VOGUE's September issue and at first, couldn't figure it out. I took an extra minute to decipher the story behind the image, then realized the models were in mid-dance and, god forbid, possibly having some "innocent fun". In contrast to Prada's serious(ly) underage models dressed like they are bored 40 year-old school girls--LANVIN LOOKS LIKE A PARTY.

The best part is the 1-minute video, which changed my entire perception of the high fashion world, and literally oozes with brillance--from the music, editing, styling, direction. That spot could not be anymore perfect than it already is, except watching it a few hundred times more. I may be biased a little since it's no secret that I am a huge fan of Wii and Kinect dancing games, which I'm guessing was the inspiration behind this idea.

Famous fashion photographer Steven Meisel shot the campaign and you can see the entire print campaign and video here. What tops off all this brilliance is LANVIN's Artistic Director Alber Elbaz makes a very cute cameo in end. Watch the spot here:

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