Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting For Hurricane Irene [PHOTOS]

I went up to my 7th-floor roof around 7 p.m. today to take a look at what mother nature had in store for NYC and you could see a long stretch of dark grey clouds looming over Manhattan from the Financial District. An obvious sign that the rain was coming soon. Besides heavy rain, I'm not expecting too much action in the area that I live in Williamsburg but have taken the advice of Mayor Bloomberg and am staying indoors the entire weekend. It's a good thing my coffee table has about 30 different new magazines and I just received the second and third books of the Hunger Games series... my weekend is set.

My friends and I took advantage of our last night before the storm and cooked a huge ass dinner. We decided our 'last supper' should be nothing short of epic and made bacon mac n' cheese with four times the recommended amount of bacon, BBQ pork ribs, spam musubis (a Hawaiian hurricane staple!) and blackberry buttermilk cake! Epicness indeed.

So far everything in my apartment feels strangely normal and familiar--cooking dinner, UFC prelims on TV and I even got to video chat my family earlier today--but I know the eerie black shadows on the other side of my taped up windows is something I've never experienced before.
The general attitude about Irene.
Stay safe New York!

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